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Top 10 Best FinTech Startups in Europe

The demand for FinTech startups across the globe has surged over the past few years due to a combination of factors fueled by technological breakthroughs and shifts in consumer tastes. These startups are reconfiguring the financial industry in multiple ways.
Top 10 Best FinTech Startups in Europe

The demand for FinTech startups across the globe has surged over the past few years due to a combination of factors fueled by technological breakthroughs and shifts in consumer tastes. These startups are reconfiguring the financial industry in multiple ways.

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FinTech startups are dealing with the problem of financial exclusion by providing banking and payment solutions to economically disadvantaged populations. Mobile banking and e-wallets are assisting people in rural regions to secure access to numerous financial services.

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Traditional financial organizations often have high operational expenses. FinTech startups leverage automatic processes, artificial intelligence, and decentralized ledger technology to optimize processes and reduce costs, making financial services more cost-effective and budget-friendly for consumers.

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FinTech firms are recognized for their capability to invent promptly and provide customized monetary solutions. This flexibility facilitates developing consumer requirements and provides personalized services to individual customers.

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FinTech platforms are enabling more convenient access to capital for businesses and individuals through direct lending, crowdsourcing, and electronic lending platforms, decreasing dependence on conventional banks. Cybersecurity is a primary concern for FinTech startups.

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In Europe, the world of FinTech has been particularly dynamic. The incorporation of FinTech startups in Europe has witnessed significant growth in recent years. These startups have created a landscape that combines diverse talent, employment opportunities, regulatory advancements, innovation in financial technology, etc. Let’s have a look at the top 10 FinTech startups in Europe. 

Here is the list of the Top 10 climate Tech and Green Tech startups in Europe


Top 10 best FinTech startups in Europe | Perenna

Perenna is a European fintech company incorporated by Arjan, Hamish, and Colin in 2018 in London, United Kingdom. This entity was established to start a mortgage bank using covered bonds. This organization has created a challenging, impactful, and rewarding work culture for its insiders while exploiting the mortgage lending industry with its customer-centric approach.

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It has secured an amount of $52 million in series B funding with a focus on partnering with players in the same sector through the implementation of Business to business model. This European FinTech startup aims to simplify the mortgage journey keeping it more transparent and accessible for the customers and mostly the homeowners. 


Top 10 best FinTech startups in Europe | Fleximize

Fleximize, a European FinTech startup based in London, United Kingdom, and launched in 2014 is introduced in the market to provide specific financial assistance and guidance to SMEs. This organization’s mission is to encourage and empower small and medium-scale enterprises to unveil the potential of their ideas with the knowledge, expertise, equipment, and financial stability and adaptability they need to thrive. 

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It has secured a large number of awards and recognitions by lending millions to small and medium enterprises in the UK to achieve milestones while fulfilling their goals and objectives. This entity always looks for valid and logical reasons behind the establishment of a small enterprise before providing them with the required financial assistance which is personalized and specifically designed according to the market demand. This European organization believes in transparency and always working towards meeting its customers’ expectations while ensuring the delivery of the right schemes.


Top 10 best FinTech startups in Europe | Volt

Volt was founded by Tom Greenwood and first instituted in London, United Kingdom in 2019 and established itself as a pioneer in Europe as well as the global FinTech sector to deliver a one-step solution for global connectivity. This organization is well-known for its real-time global payment network, speed, and accuracy.

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This European FinTech startup is transforming the global finance sector by developing a single way to an era of account-to-account Payments and introducing an open banking system that enables money to move on an international scale with the use of advanced technologies. It is associated with more than 680 million accounts over 25 territories across the globe and follows a Business-to-business model (B2B) to succeed. 


Top 10 best FinTech startups in Europe | Updraft

Updraft is a European FinTech startup that originated in London, United Kingdom and was founded by Matt. It considers an individual’s creditworthiness, and affordability assessment before providing them with a proper financial plan and lending assistance. This organization provides services like soft search, direct debit guarantee, storing account and credit information services credit monitoring, personal financial management services, etc.

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This European FinTech startup is authorised by The UK Financial Conduct Authority. It assists individuals in making corrective and data-driven financial decisions and deals in the B2C ( Business to consumer) model and also provides a freemium feature. It has secured $9.7 million in Series A funding very recently. 


Top 10 best FinTech startups in Europe | Mooncard

Mooncard is a European FinTech and payments startup fully associated with the financial sector and originated in Paris, France, and was founded by Pierre Henri Deballon and Clara Gaymard. It has secured $41 million in Series C funding which shows its capabilities to achieve its financial goals and strengthen its existence. 

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It mostly deals in 2 types of models that are B2B and SAAS. This European entity has built a platform that integrates business expense management solutions by combining customized and configurable cards, an automated management application an accounting engine, etc.


Top 10 best FinTech startups in Europe |Qonto

Qonto is a European FinTech startup based in Paris, France, and was launched in July 2017 by Alexandre and Steve. It has developed a digital bank by using advanced technology that offers financial tools for small and medium-sized business entities and freelancers. It typically uses a B2B model to succeed and achieve its long-term goals.

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Its main goal was to create a banking product that would fit well in the modern entrepreneurial landscape while being the best substitute for traditional banking institutions. This entity wants to deliver the best to its customers while taking on big challenges and pursuing excellence through learning. 


Top 10 best FinTech startups in Europe | Novicap

Novicap is a European FinTech startup based in Barcelona, Spain, founded in the year 2014 and mostly deals in a B2B model. It is specifically designed for providing financial and working capital solutions to SMEs, and public administrations.

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This entity has secured an impressive amount of $210 million as debt finance. Its basic functions include providing and optimizing working capital with technological solutions while encouraging the growth of thousands of companies. This organization streamlines various financial processes and makes it easy for different companies to manage their finances efficiently and effectively. 


Top 10 best FinTech startups in Europe | Treyd

Treyd is a European FinTech company founded in Stockholm, Sweden to provide a supplier financing platform for retail businesses. This FinTech startup mostly deals in a B2B model and has secured $12 million in series A funding recently. 

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It believes in five major approaches for individual organizations and they are growing without diluting the equity, freeing up capital to invest in growth and development, holding plenty of inventory to avoid missing sales, cutting freight costs which saves money and the planet, and lastly making continuous cash flow planning a habit.


Top 10 best FinTech startups in Europe | Fabrick

Fabrick, the European FinTech platform originated in Milan, Italy in June 2018. Its sole objective was to create and develop an open platform for encouraging collaboration and streamlining innovations of banks, organizations, and individuals. 

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This organisation claims to be one of the leading providers of embedded finance solutions in Europe which deals in a B2B model. This European entity has secured $43 million in Series B funding. Its global presence and collaborative nature bring more success and achievements to it in various ways.


Top 10 best FinTech startups in Europe | Nomupay

Nomupay is a fintech startup based in Dublin, Ireland. This European organization has developed a unified payment platform. It has received $5r million in series A funding to strengthen its operations and expand its landscape. It believes in simplified integration. 

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Its unified data insights help individuals to make data-driven decisions. This platform is available in more than 40 countries and is ambitious to achieve new milestones. It provides customized and personalized services as per the individual customers’ requirements.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the Top 10 best FinTech startups in Europe?

Perenna,Fleximize,Volt,Updraft,Mooncard,Qonto,Novicap,Treyd,Fabrick,Nomupay, these are some Top 10 best FinTech startups in Europe

When novicap was founded?

Novicap was founded in the year 2014.

Where updraft was originated?

Updraft was originated in London, United Kingdom.

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