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Top 10 Best AdTech startup in Europe

Oct 7, 2023 | By Startup Rise EU

Top 10 Best AdTech startup in Europe

AdTech stands for Advertising Technology and refers to the infusion of technology to streamline and elevate the process of buying, selling, and delivering advertisements.

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AdTech startups globally concentrate on designing innovative solutions and platforms to improve different aspects of the advertising industry. These often utilize data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation to target audiences more competently, determine ad performance, and boost ad campaigns. Global AdTech startups ecosystem is typically related to European AdTech startups.

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AdTech startups globally intend to tackle advertising needs across numerous markets and regions, including Europe. European AdTech startups may have a more definite focus on accommodating the specific needs of the European marketplace, such as adherence to GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation) and serving diverse languages and cultures.

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European AdTech startups must comply with stringent data privacy and protection regulations, like GDPR. This focus on data privacy has led to the advancement of creative solutions for user agreeableness management and data compliance, setting them apart from their global counterparts.

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Europe has both local AdTech startups and global giants like Google and Facebook operating in the region. This dynamic creates a competitive landscape where local startups may differentiate themselves by offering more localized, specialized, or privacy-conscious solutions.

In Europe, there has been increasing interest and investment in AdTech startups because of the region's potential for innovation, discoveries, and the need for GDPR-compliant solutions. European AdTech startups have opportunities to deal with evolving advertising updates and trends, such as programmatic advertising, native advertising, email advertising, and mobile advertising.

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European startups may focus on specific niches or sectors inside these trends. AdTech startups in the entire globe share the common goal of evolving the advertising sector using advanced technology.

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AdTech startups in Europe, while harmonized with this mission, often steer distinguished challenges related to territorial policies, market forces, and cultural differences. These differences can lead to the development of specifically tailored solutions and opportunities for advancement in the European AdTech landscape.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Best AdTech startup in Europe

Creative Fabrica

Top 10 Best AdTech startup in Europe|Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is a European enterprise that originated in Amsterdam, Netherlands and was founded in 2016. This AdTech platform offers a broader range of innovative resources in the fields of art, craft, fonts, graphic designs, illustrations, and embroideries. This enterprise enables individuals having a keen interest in any craft to access a digital library where they can find an extensive collection of digital assets which are the most compatible options for Creative projects and Ads.

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It adds new things to its library regularly to stay updated with the latest trends in the marketplace. It always tries to establish a feeling of unity among its users from diverse backgrounds while enabling channels for interaction. It follows the freemium concept.

Brevo (Sendinblue)

Top 10 Best AdTech startup in Europe| Brevo (Sendinblue)

Sendinblue, a European AdTech startup was founded in Paris, France. This AdTech platform promotes digital awareness, marketing automation and advancement, and email marketing to establish strong customer relationship management strategies. It offers a variety of personalized services while securing the privacy and confidentiality of individual organizations. 

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It enables business organizations to integrate this with their existing website,  system, and culture. It helps businesses to strengthen and nourish their customer relationships by engaging more with them.

Runa (WeGift)

Top 10 Best AdTech startup in Europe| Runa (WeGift)


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This European AdTech startup is significantly known for its incentive, payout, and reward features to encourage brands to interact and engage with customers.  It is headquartered in London, UK. 

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This platform strengthens digital value by simplifying local and cross-border payouts. It is otherwise known as RUNA, founded in 2016 by Aron Alexander. It is known for its remarkable contribution to the AdTech sector by developing the idea to deliver digital gift cards to gain customer loyalty and trust. 

AB Tasty

Top 10 Best AdTech startup in Europe| AB Tasty

AB Tasty was founded in Paris, France. This startup organization prioritizes AI-driven experimentation, customization, and product optimization tools for practical experience and testing by users to transform brand impressions.

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 To deal with a multivariate group of customers in the market it always prioritizes the experiment and digital research aspects. It helps brands in building a smooth and seamless user experience. 


Top 10 Best AdTech startup in Europe| ContentSquare

ContentSquare was established by Jonathan Cherki in Paris, France, in 2012. The CEO and founder of this AdTech startup played an important role in developing ContentSquare as a pioneer in digital experience optimization. The company has always prioritized global presence by expanding its presence worldwide, serving customers around the globe with its strong and advanced analytics, optimization solutions, and real-time insights for enhancing digital experiences.

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It enables businesses to thoroughly understand and enhance their online customer experiences by empowering them. With an extremely useful suite of analytics and optimization expertise, it has transformed how companies interact with audiences digitally. 

Mention Me

Top 10 Best AdTech startup in Europe| Mention Me

Mention Me, a European AdTech startup, emerged as a game-changer in the world of referral marketing and customer acquisition in 2013 by Andy Cockburn and Tim Boughton. This entity has very quickly become an expert player in the competitive era of digital marketing and provides a less costly and sustainable way for brands needing to expand their customer base while enhancing customer relationships.

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It has developed core offering centers for referral marketing solutions that encourage businesses to exploit the power of word-of-mouth marketing. It believes that satisfied customers are the best advocates, and that is why it has designed a platform that enables different brands to transform their satisfied customers into loyal brand ambassadors. It offers personalized referral programs along with data-driven insights, which helps expand its customer base in a highly effective and organic manner.


Top 10 Best AdTech startup in Europe| Permutive

Permutive is a European AdTech company, founded in 2014 by Joe Root and Tim Spratt in London, UK. This entity was built to address the emerging challenges of digital advertising, specifically in the context of privacy, and to comply with the need for effective and convenient ways of maintaining confidentiality. 

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This AdTech startup provides a real-time Data Management Platform for specific audiences and advertising agencies. This organization is crafted in a  way to assists publishers in effectively engaging and interacting with their audiences. This platform is backed by strong analytical tools and insights that help in real-time data segmentation and also enable personalized advertising services. 

Landvault (Admix)

Top 10 Best AdTech startup in Europe| Landvault (Admix)

Admix was founded by Samuel Huber in 2018 and is headquartered in London, UK. This European AdTech startup is the first programmatic monetization platform for in-game and in-app advertising. This AdTech startup is entirely focused on immersive advertising experiences with augmented reality and virtual reality.

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 It has developed a monetized platform for AR and VR developers, which enables them to combine contextually relevant and non-intrusive ads smoothly into their AR and VR applications. This AdTech organization aims to bridge the gap between developers and advertisers while enhancing user retention and immersion. It is also known as Landvault among the advertisers.


Top 10 Best AdTech startup in Europe| Kyra

Kyra is a European AdTech startup that is also a global creator economy company. This European AdTech startup is Instituted in London, UK.

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 It offers seamless briefing and syndication with the world's extraordinary brands to acquire the advertising landscape. This entity has years of experience in finding the right advertisers for creators to work with. 


Top 10 Best AdTech startup in Europe| Audion

Audion is an AI-based AdTech company based in Paris, France. This platform has developed proprietary solutions that increase the impactfulness of advertising across numerous digital audio formats.

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It also builds relationships between publishers and advertisers to make advertising more effective and popular. It has built technologies that can transform articles into podcasts.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the Top 10 Best AdTech startup in Europe?

Creative Fabrica, Brevo (Sendinblue), Runa (WeGift), AB Tasty, ContentSquare, Mention Me, Permutive, Landvault (Admix), Kyra, Audion, these are some Top 10 Best AdTech startup in Europe.

What is the formal name of Landvault ?

Admix is the formal name of Landvault.

When Contentsquare is established?

ContentSquare was established in 2012.

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