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Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe

Oct 6, 2023 | By Startup Rise EU

Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe

The growing demand for electric vehicles is becoming progressively clear both globally and in Europe. Augmented awareness of global warming, climate crisis, weather disruption, weather pattern alteration and environmental transformation along with air pollution has led to an elevated significance on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Electric vehicles produce no emission and can be considered as emission free, which makes them an environmentally conscious and more sustainable option compared to classic internal combustion engine(ICE) vehicles.

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International authorities, global leaders, regulators across the planet, including many European countries, are executing rigorous emission standards and extending encouragement to promote use and adaptation of Electric vehicles.

These policies stimulate consumers to convert to electric vehicles by providing tax advantages, cashbacks, and entry to High occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes. Fast paced developments in battery advancements and power cell technology have led to extended mileage, enhanced travel capacity, swift replenishment time or accelerated charging speed, decreased expenditures and budget friendly for Electric Vehicles.

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This has made electric vehicles more functional and inexpensive for a diverse range of consumers. The emerging need for electric vehicles is driven by sustainability challenges, ecological issues, statutory encouragements, technological upgrades, and a developing infrastructure.

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Europe, in particular, is making remarkable progress in evolving to sustainable mobility and green transportation, with EVs playing a major role in accomplishing sustainability goals and improving the quality of air in metropolitan areas.

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Vehicle manufacturers are committing substantial funds in research and development of Electric Vehicles. Consequently, there is a broader range of electric vehicles available in distinctive categories, from compact cars to SUVs and luxury vehicles. Cities in Europe are struggling with traffic jams and environmental air concerns.

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Electric vehicles can help mitigate these challenges by yielding decreased noise and pollutants, and by being ideally compatible for quick local commutes and urban travel. Europe is ready to decrease its reliance on carbon based energy sources.

Electric vehicles can play a vital role in reaching freedom of energy by utilising replenishable energy sources for charging. Investment in electric vehicles charging infrastructure is advancing speedily across Europe, making it significantly convenient for the public to buy and use electric vehicles.

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As a large number of consumers experience the advantages of electric vehicles, the requirement is on the rise. In Europe, the drive for electric vehicles is extremely robust. The European Union has set aspirational milestones to reduce carbon footprint and promote green transportation.

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Initiatives like the European Green Deal aim to make Europe carbon neutralised, climate neutral and environmentally balanced by 2050, and EVs are seen as a vital aspect of this mission. Let's have a look at 20 best electric vehicle startups in Europe.

Here is the list of the Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe

The Mobility house

Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | The Mobility house

The Mobility house is an European startup that is based in Munich, Germany and Instituted in the year 2009. This startup organisation is proficient in delivering cutting edge solutions for electromobility and energy efficiency management. This European startup is mainly acknowledged for its contribution to the electromobility sector.

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This organisation creates and offers resolutions that facilitate the incorporation of electric vehicles into the power grid and help enhance their charging process. The company extends numerous charging alternatives for electric vehicles like charging stations and software solutions to manage and maximise electric vehicle charging.

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This startup company has keen expertise in the area of grid integration. It focuses on technology that permits electric vehicles to be utilised as portable energy storage devices, assisting in harmonising the power grid and making enhanced utilisation of sustainable energy sources.

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It puts a significant focus on sustainability and mitigating carbon footprints through the adoption of electromobility and clean energy solutions. This European startup has expanded its operations and solutions internationally, addressing the growing global demand for electric mobility infrastructure.

Volta trucks

Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | Volta trucks

Volta trucks is an European electric vehicle startup which was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2019. This European startup is relatively new in the electric vehicle industry with an objective of manufacturing and delivering electric commercial vehicles for urban mobility and metropolitan transport.

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It is entirely focused on manufacturing electric trucks for logistics and urban transportation. These vehicles are operated by electric Motors, often with huge battery packs for enhanced mileage. This European startup designs vehicles specifically for the urban area to reduce pollution and to enable an emission free environment.

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It creates vehicles which basically include next generation safety measures. It may integrate revolutionary design aspects to refine the productiveness of their electric vehicles. This startup emphasises 2 core aspects to be recognized, which are reduced carbon footprint and sustainability.

Human forest

Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | Human forest


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Human forest is an e-bike sharing operator based in London, UK. The human forest e-bike is eco-friendly and emits zero greenhouse gases. They are aiming to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air. They exclusively operate using electric vehicles where every battery is charged by certified renewable energy.

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This particular European startup is highly committed to the planet and its creatures. The human forest electric bike is secure, operational and fun to ride which is designed to enable efficient transportation in an environmentally friendly manner.


Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | DeepDrive

Deepdrive is a drive unit for electric vehicles established in Munich, Germany. They radically yet rationally develop the core of tomorrow's manmade electromobility.

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Its vision is to create the globe's best electric drives. This particular European startup believes that the best ideas are not simple but pure. It emphasises more sustainable, environmentally friendly and more efficient outcomes.


Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | Wallbox

The developer of smart electric vehicles charging system wallbox originated in Barcelona, Spain. It is a global startup dedicated to changing the way the world uses energy. They create advanced charging systems that combine cutting edge technologies with outstanding design, managing the communication between electric vehicles and chargers via easy to use apps.

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It has three core principles of innovation: easy to access, understand and control, smart and always connected to people's lives and user centering which means designed for real people, intuitively and beautifully.


Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | Vool

VooL is an European startup originated in Tallinn, Estonia. This European startup is a full scale electric vehicle charging solution that raises the bar. This project has received funding from the European union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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It is on its way to conquer the Electric vehicle charging market across Europe. It has developed its own application for efficient use and availability purposes


Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | Onto

Onto is an European startup Instituted in Birmingham, UK in 2018 by Rob Jolly and Danann O'Meachair. It has the mission to provide a more accessible and affordable way for people to switch to electric vehicles.

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This European startup believes that paying for fuel is the thing of the past and it helps maximise the user experience by adding charging to its subscription. They provide hassle-free services by offering all inclusive monthly electric car subscriptions as company cars via salary sacrifice. So basically it offers an electric vehicle with added tax benefits. They are a flexible and reliable alternative to electric car ownership or leasing.

Wattif EV AS

Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | Wattif EV AS

Wattif EV AS was founded in 2020 by Kare Nystad and Morten Rorvik in Hoyanger, Norway. It is an end to end provider and a key enabler in the global shift to electric vehicle mobility. This European startup is established in countries like the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Their vision is to accelerate the electrification of the global car park by providing seamless access to charging infrastructure, everywhere.

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This European startup recognizes the predicted exponential increase in demand for and a shortage of electric vehicle charging points across the globe and provides a solution with multiple finance, operational, maintenance and profitability aspects. It has designed an electric vehicle charging solution that suits all kinds of needs from distinguished categories.

Evum Motors

Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | Evum Motors

Evum Motors is an European startup developed in Munich, Germany in 2017 and specialises in the manufacturing of electric utility vehicles. The co-founders are Sascha Koberstaedt and Martin Soltes.

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This startup company implemented the cloud based electric mobility accelerator solution on 3D experience platform to connect design, engineering and manufacturing and deliver scalable access to digital design and simulation applications in a single, secure and standard based environment.


Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | Driveco

Driveco originated in Paris, France. This European startup is an electric vehicle manufacturer. Its mission is to make electric mobility accessible and available to all.

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It deploys fast and universal charging stations throughout Europe. It enables drivers to get a simple and economical charging experience anywhere.

Sono Motors

Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | Sono Motors

Sono Motors is an European electric vehicle startup based in Munich, Germany. It focuses exclusively on retrofitting and integrating its solar technology into third party electric vehicles.

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Its integrated solar technology is used in a variety of electric vehicle architectures including passenger vehicles to recreational vehicles. This European startup is on a pioneering mission to accelerate the revolution of mobility by making every vehicle solar.


Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | Soolutions

Soolutions is a European startup originated in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This European electric vehicle startup is associated with industries like climate tech, green tech, hardware mobility, transportation, energy and electric vehicle tools.

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It is the manufacturer and provider of electric vehicle charging equipment for homes. It mostly focuses on supply, distribution and installation of charging stations for individual usage and personalised use.


Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | Arrival

Arrival is founded in London, England, UK. This European startup is a developer and manufacturer of zero emission, public transportation  electric vehicles.

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This company is significantly known for its zero emission solutions. While delicately designing an electric vehicle it focuses on four aspects that are sustainable, affordable, impressive and functional.


Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | Monta

Monta is an European startup originated in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2020 and headquartered in London. This European electric vehicle startup is cofounded by  Casper Rasmussen and Anders Pedersen. It depicts a global and diverse  platform where people from all over the world are integrated.

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It is the operating platform powering the electric vehicle ecosystem serving drivers, cities, organisations and electric grid with a single integrated technological solution. It believes that accelerating and democratising the adoption of electric vehicle technology is key to building an efficient and sustainable future. Its only objective is to offer the best technological solutions for the entire electric vehicle charging cycle.

Stark future

Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | Stark future

Stark future is an European electric vehicle startup originated in Barcelona, Spain. This particular entity is specialised in manufacturing electric motorbikes. It aims to produce sustainability in the long run and strive for perfection.

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Its vision is based on three  major aspects: to challenge the status quo, to search for the standard while adapting and setting clear goals and delivering the best outcomes. They believe in making sustainable products that are superior to traditional technology in terms of emotion, performance and design.


Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | ZEWAY

This European startup is founded in Paris, France. Going electric has never been easier but this organisation has proved it through its remarkable innovations.

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It is extending its range of electric scooters with the arrival of different discoveries like a compact and easy to use 3 wheeler that benefits from the unique battery exchange station system Instituted by itself. It enables mobility, energy sobriety, emission free deliveries, green city, connectivity and novel infrastructure.

Tau group

Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | Tau group

The Tau group originated in Turin, Italy. This European startup provides auto parts for electric vehicles. It is trailblazing the production of sustainable, solvent free, high performance magnet wires and setting new industry standards that enable the transformation to electromobility and electrification.

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Its driving force is innovation and it is dedicated to discovering significant solutions that pave the way for a sustainable future. It is committed to accelerating the advancement of electromobility for different modes of transportation starting from cars to aircraft and trains.


Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | K-Ryole

K-Ryole is an European startup originated in France in 2016. It was established to create creative trailer solutions for electric bicycles and electric bikes, with an objective on sustainable urban transportation and cargo delivery. This European startup developed a different category of trailer known as the Neobox which is an electric assist cargo trailer designed to be towed by an electric vehicle.

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Some versions of Neobox are equipped with connectivity features, enabling fleet management and tracking for commercial users. Its trailers match with the increasing trends towards sustainable transportation solutions and promote eco-friendly alternatives. It is specifically designed to provide a convenient and sustainable way to transport goods and cargo in urban environments.


Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe | WeVee

It was founded in London, UK and is a fully integrated electric vehicle price comparison and leasing platform. Its vision is to make the process of getting a brand new electric car simple and seamless.It is speeding up the switch to zero emission mobility because it believes what we can achieve unitedly is electric.

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It encourages people to own and use electric vehicles. It is on a mission to assist people in switching to electric by providing the best shopping experience, the best lease rental and the superior customer service.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe?

The Mobility house, Volta trucks, Human forest, DeepDrive, Wallbox, Vool, Onto, Wattif EV AS, Evum Motors, Driveco, Sono Motors, Soolutions, Arrival, Monta, Stark future, ZEWAY, Tau group, K-Ryole, WeVee, these are some Top 20 Best Electric Vehicle(EV) Startups in Europe.

When & Where K-Ryole was originated?

K-Ryole was originated in France in 2016

Who is the founder of Evum Motors?

Evum Motors founders is Sascha Koberstaedt and Martin Soltes.

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