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Top 10 European Gaming Startups

The European gaming industry has surpassed in the last couple of years, representing the increasing demand for interactive, engaging and collaborative gaming with various potential startups evolving as pioneers in the marketplace. These startups revolutionized gaming into passion and habit.Plenty of gaming startups are appearing all over Europe.
Top 10 European Gaming Startups

The European gaming industry has surpassed in the last couple of years, representing the increasing demand for interactive, engaging and collaborative gaming with various potential startups evolving as pioneers in the marketplace. These startups revolutionized gaming into passion and habit.Plenty of gaming startups are appearing all over Europe.

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To limit the choices or to refine the list, we prioritized companies that have gained momentum and earned recognition among gamers through their popularity. Here is a compilation of those worth monitoring.

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Here is the list of the Top 10 European Gaming Startups


Top 10 European Gaming Startups | Fnatic

Fnatic was initiated by Sam Mathews and Anne Mathews in 2004. It is headquartered in London, England, UK. This European eminent and enduring gaming company has an illustrious past in the competitive gaming industry. It is firmly associated with different esports activities.

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It has formed renowned teams who compete in vital tournaments across the globe. These teams established themselves as the most remarkable esports legends. It has indulged itself in a huge number of collaborative activities like partnering with distinguished brands and companies.


Top 10 European Gaming Startups | FatShark

FatShark is a gaming startup created by Martin Wahlund in Sweden in 2007.
It is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. This particular entity is specialised in designing games that strengthens the importance of teamplay and collaborative environment.

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This company has tried to diversify itself through various modes like partnership, acquisition, joint ventures etc. It is always committed to advancement and betterment in the existing platform to provide the player community with the best available experiences.

Raw fury

Top 10 European Gaming Startups | Raw fury

Raw fury was discovered by Jonas Antonsson and Gordon Van Dyke in the year 2015 in Sweden. It’s headquarter is in Stockholm, Sweden. This Swedish gaming company is aiming at partnering with indie game developers and providing them with necessary technological know-how, assistance and knowledge along with creative resources to offer their uniquely designed games to a broader community of gamers.

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It is well established for its nurturing and encouraging attitude.It is always believed in expansion through diversification. It mostly incorporates suggestions and feedback from players to improve game features.

Keen games

Top 10 European Gaming Startups | Keen games

Keen games was founded by Jan Hendrik Ohl in Germany in the year 2005. It is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany.This has contributed to many remarkable gaming platforms like Sacred 3, Portal Knights, G force etc. In the past years it was more focused on strategic alliance in a collaborative era in order to produce more user friendly games.

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This European gaming company has gained popularity for its discoveries and ingenuity. It believes in staying committed to the gamers community in order to make necessary changes to stay updated with the current trends in the marketplace.

Dream games

Top 10 European Gaming Startups | Dream games

Dream games was initiated in Istanbul, Turkey and the names of its Founders are Soner Aydemir, Ikbal Namli, Eren Sengul, Hakan Saglam and Serdar Yilmaz. It is associated with games like innovative puzzle solving with strategic implementation of home decor and renovation.

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Their objective is to cater to the needs of mobile gamers by delivering the most reliable and handy games. It is multilingual and deals internationally. It believes in regular interactions with its players community to make advancements in the existing facilities.


Top 10 European Gaming Startups | Supercell

Supercell was started in Helsinki, Finland in the year 2010 by a group of individuals namely Ilkka Paananen, Mikko Kodisoja, Petri Styrman, Visa Forsten, Niko Derome, Lassi Derome and Visa Paananen. This European gaming company  has crafted games like Hay Day, Boom Beach, Brawl stars, Clash Royale, Clash of clans etc.

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It strategically uses the freemium model that depicts free and in-app purchase features. This is one of the popular global gaming brands that delivers the best mobile games. The company is renowned for retaining a high degree of freedom that enables the entity to keep its innovative control and exclusive developmental ecosystem.


Top 10 European Gaming Startups | Playrix

Playrix was Instituted long back in 2004 in Russia by 2 Russian individuals namely Dmitry and Igor Bukhman. It’s headquarter is in Vologda, Russia. It is well known for its unique value proposition in the field of entertainment and creativity particularly in the mobile gaming industry.

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It includes games related to the simulation genre and puzzle solving which has proven to be the most interactive and interesting for gamers. It emphasizes frequent collective outreach by conducting virtual and manual events using social media and through updating. It is a highly adaptable and accessible platform that is available in differential languages across the globe.

Team 17

Top 10 European Gaming Startups | Team 17

Team17 originated in England, UK in 1990 by mutual efforts of Debbie Bestwick, Martyn Brown and Rico Holmes. It is headquartered in Wakefield, England, UK.The European gaming company is renowned for its extensive experience particularly in the area of gaming industry.

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It was strongly committed towards adaptability to environmental responsiveness and sustainable business measures, establishing the objective to decrease its impact on environmental well-being.They prioritize collaboration and feedback culture. It has created a diversified portfolio of games meeting the distinctive gaming preferences.

Mojang Studios

Top 10 European Gaming Startups | Mojang Studios

Mojang studios was founded in the year 2009 by Markus Persson in Sweden. It is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It has created the incredibly popular game Minecraft, which is available on distinguished platforms like mobile, phone and Playstations and is one of the most readily obtainable games.

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It is also crafted in a way to educate the community regarding different subject matters due to its dexterity and resourcefulness. It is designed in a specific way that enables users to personalize their gaming aura. It has established effective community interactions.

Klang Games

Top 10 European Gaming Startups | Klang Games

Klang games originated in Berlin, Germany in the year 2013 by Ivar Emilsson, Mundi Vondi and Oddur Snaer Magnusson. Their only motto was to offer virtual multiplayer experiences by establishing differentiated and uniquely designed gaming platforms.

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It is well-known for its prime project Seed which depicts an engaging virtual world and surface. This European platform stands apart for its persistent ambitions, real world ethics and values that strengthens the Socio-cultural ecosystem.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the top European Gaming Startups?

Fnatic, FatShark, Raw fury, Keen games, Dream games, Supercell Playrix, Team 17, Mojang Studios these are some top gaming startup in Europe.

When Supercell was founded?

Supercell was founded in the year 2010.

Where Team 17 was originated?

Team 17 originated in England.

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