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[Funding alert] French Startup Kamino Retail Secures €1.25m Pre-Seed Round Funding

[Funding alert] French Startup Kamino Retail Secures €1.25m Pre-Seed Round Funding
Kamino Retail founding team

Kamino Retail has secured first round of pre-seed funding of 1.25 million euros from prestigious business angels and investment funds.

This funding will see the company accelerate recruitment and launch new platform features.

Founded in early 2023, Kamino Retail was founded by four Retail Media experts Elie Aboucaya, Marianne Schneider, Emmanuel Valette, and Samir Daoud. Its mission is to empower Retailers with independence, agility, and innovation to enable their Retail Media monetization programs to reach their full potential.

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In just 10 years, Retail Media has established itself as the most credible alternative to traditional digital advertising. This marketing channel enables advertisers to engage their consumers, directly at the point of sale, free from the current limitations of digital (privacy, end of 3P cookies, …). “However, it is amazing to note that only a small number of tech players lead this market, without fully facing the challenges of retailers’ digital transformation”, says Marianne Schneider, co-founder of Kamino Retail.

This seed round, which was initially intended to be a straightforward “friends & family” initiative, attracted a lot of interest as a result of the market opportunity and benefited from a speedy closing. Several seasoned French investors joined 50 Partners and Better Angle funds in the round.

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This is the dynamic on which Kamino Retail is building its momentum: “Our goal is to ofer a platform that matches market needs: innovative ad units, efective targeting, relevant reporting, improved workflow, simplified integration, and API connectors” adds Samir Daoud, co-founder & CPO of Kamino Retail. Emmanuel Valette, co-founder & CTO of Kamino Retail, underlines: “All our solutions, and in particular our video formats, have been designed to guarantee a smooth and efcient user experience, while preserving web performance and limiting carbon footprint”.

Retailers are looking for ways to optimise their retail media, trade marketing, and self-promotion programmes by increasing their fill rates and the value of their digital properties as they become more sophisticated in these areas. They must establish a distinctive and cutting-edge monetization offering while improving customer experience in order to survive the growing competition.

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“This fund-raising will allow us to ensure our R&D recruitment plan and accelerate the launch of new platform features. We plan to carry out a Series A next year to support our commercial development in Europe and develop tech partnerships. The details of this second round are still to be determined” concludes Elie Aboucaya, co-founder of Kamino Retail.

About Kamino Retail

Kamino Retail is a tech company with a focus on Retail Media that was established in 2023 by four marketing professionals. A variety of solutions, specifically designed for retailers and the unique requirements of their sales house, are included with the Kamino Retail platform. The goal of Kamino Retail is to help retailers realise the full potential of their Retail Media monetization initiatives by empowering them with the best in agility, innovation, transparency, and trust.

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