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[Funding alert] Italy-based Shipping Platform for Commerce ShippyPro Secures $15M in Series B Round Funding

Italian-based shipping marketplace for business $15 million in series B round funding is obtained by ShippyPro. The investment was made by Five Elms Capital.

Italy-based shipping platform for commerce ShippyPro secures $15M in series B round funding. The investment was made by Five Elms Capital.

The company plans to use the funds to grow internationally, spur innovation, and establish itself as a brand’s shipping infrastructure. Under the direction of CEO Francesco Borghi, ShippyPro offers omnichannel brands and international online stores with an all-in-one shipping management system.

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By providing a multi-carrier infrastructure and automating shipping rate comparison, label generation, tracking, returns, and logistics analysis of data, it helps businesses save both time and cash on their logistics budget.

Two novel products were recently released by the company. The first enables out-of-home delivery, giving firms the ability to allow customers to pick up their orders at a variety of places, such as neighbourhood stores, supermarkets, and post offices.

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The second, called ShippyPro Data Optimise, is a group of business intelligence tools aimed at shedding light on shipping data and give brands management and command over their shipping data.

With over 165 carriers and 85 natively linked sales channels, the company has amassed an extensive library for logistics. This allows brands to quickly access additional shipping options, serving as a useful accelerator for omnichannel orchestration and worldwide expansion. Thousands of clients in over 36 countries rely on ShippyPro to handle millions of shipments each month for top companies in a variety of industries, such as Guess, Venchi, and Diesel.

About ShippyPro

The goal of ShippyPro is to make simpler for customers worldwide to ship, track, and return e-commerce items. They have developed strong technologies throughout the years that are capable of handling the complexities of logistics and shipping.

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Their global team is headquartered in Florence, where people from many nations, cultures, and tongues collaborate (including virtually) to achieve a common objective: improving employee performance. They work hard every day to foster an inclusive culture that gives individuals a sense of community, and every product they develop reflects this.

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