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[Funding alert] Ghent-based Introw Secures €1 million in Funding

Ghent-based Known angel investors like Pieterjan Bouten (Showpad), Ewout Meyns (Hubspot), and Dieter De Mesmaeker (DataCamp) help Introw raise €1 million.
Simon Van Den Hende – Co-Founder & Software of introw

Ghent-based Introw secures €1 million in funding joined by vetted angels such as Pieterjan Bouten (Showpad), Ewout Meyns (Hubspot) & Dieter De Mesmaeker (DataCamp).

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The “Netlog mafia,” also known as serial entrepreneurs Lorenz Bogaert, Toon Coppens, Nicolas Van Eenaeme, and Vincent Verlee, launched StarApps in early 2023 with the help of young entrepreneurs Andreas Geamanu (CEO), Laurens Lavaert (CTO), and Simon Van Den Hende (AI Engineer).

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co-founder Andreas Geamanu said, “Who likes to get random cold emails & calls? With Introw, we help businesses reach customers through their existing network of partners. This way, you can start a ‘warm’ conversation with a prospect,”.

As warm introductions and referrals through current B2B partners shorten sales cycles at a significantly reduced cost of customer acquisition, they are on a joint mission to fight cold emails.

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The founders additionally acknowledged the issues with manually exchanging contacts and promoting partners. Nobody is aware of who is working on it, the shared contact’s current state, or whether the partner is currently involved in negotiations.

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About Introw

Introw uses AI to find business contacts who fit their desired client profile. This makes it feasible for businesses to swiftly complete existing deals in addition to making new ones.

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Through the incorporation of their technology into current sales tools, Introw helps firms that are experiencing software fatigue. Numerous sales tools have overloaded sales teams. Because of this, we are seamlessly integrating with their current sales tools.

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