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[Funding alert] Germany-based NEURA Robotics Secures $16 Million in Funding

Germany-based AI and robotics startup NEURA Robotics secures $16 million in funding, investment round with American private equity firm InterAlpen Partners.
Team – NEURA Robotics

Germany-based AI and robotics startup NEURA Robotics secures $16 million in funding, investment round with American private equity firm InterAlpen Partners.

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Robots based on the NEURA Robotics platform are able to see, hear and perceive touch. Combined with reflexive sensory processing, these capabilities are essential for autonomous and predictive action.

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With the founding team’s vast expertise in robotics and artificial intelligence, these collaborative robots (cobots) are being developed to collaborate with humans in various industries and in a wide range of environments.

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InterAlpen founder Stephen George said, “Their mission of empowering humanity with robotics is highly aligned with InterAlpen’s sustainable impact mission. We believe that the amazing products and partnerships that the team have created will power NEURA to become a global industry leader in the rising field of collaborative robotics.”

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It took founder and CEO David Reger only three years to make NEURA an industry leader in cognitive robotics. As the first company to combine AI and robotics, NEURA unveiled the world’s first market-ready cognitive cobot, named MAiRA, shortly after its founding. MAiRA is autonomous and can fully perceive its environment and humans it comes into contact with.

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These kinds of advances provide NEURA and their partners with applications for multiple sectors, including manufacturing, hospitality and elder care. The steadily growing product line of cobots offers unmatched flexibility and cost efficiency in automation.

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NEURA’s imminent expansion comes at an opportune time. The U.S. is the biggest market for robotics in the world, generating an estimated $7.7 billion in revenue in 2023. The global robotics market is expected to grow steadily to a market volume of $45 billion by 2028.

About InterAlpen Partners

Based in Omaha, NE and Denver, CO, InterAlpen Partners is a uniquely positioned private equity firm, designed by experienced professionals to be a boutique.

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Their mission is to partner with successful entrepreneurs and family investment offices to invest in and build category-winning companies when they are in the expansion stage, electrifying and scaling innovation for excellent investment returns and sustainable impact. InterAlpen manages circa $450 million in capital and is currently investing out of its third fund.

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About Neura Robotics

German high-tech start-up NEURA Robotics was established in 2019 in Metzingen, close to Stuttgart, with the goal of revolutionizing the robotics industry. Their goal is to provide intelligent collaborative robots with a broader spectrum of skills so they can collaborate with people in already-existing situations without the need for complex and costly safety measures.

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Their are committed to making a variety of professions more appealing, secure, and social. This mission can be summed up by our guiding concept, “They serve humanity”.

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