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[Funding alert] Insulation Startup VARM Secures a Seven-Figure Pre-Seed Round of Funding

[Funding alert] Insulation Startup VARM Secures a Seven-Figure Pre-Seed Round of Funding

VARM secures seven-figure funding to make home insulation easier and affordable, facilitating access and training installers. The funding round is led by Foundamental and A/O. Strategic angels include the founders of German central heating specialist Thermondo and construction tech specialist ecoworks.

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The money will be utilized to develop the technological foundation for cavity-wall insulation, increase its visibility in Germany, and encourage the initial wave of insulation academy alums. The company’s goal is to speed up household decarbonization by making cavity wall and roof insulation for structures simpler, quicker, and more cheap for households.

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A stunning 75% of buildings in Europe have been determined to be inefficient in terms of energy use. While technology like heat pumps and PV modules have emerged as ways to decarbonize homes, insulation enhances home comfort while lowering the cost of energy.

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According to Christian Gruener : “We’re speeding up the transition to net-zero by providing homeowners with everything they need to safely and affordably insulate their homes.”

Homeowners are able to use VARM to get a quote, request for grants, and have their insulation done by qualified VARM insulation installers, with a present emphasis on the Berlin region.

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This provides order to the market for insulation, which Gruener compares to the state of the solar sector between ten and twenty years ago and describes as confusing and fragmented. In Berlin, the company will begin with single-family homes, but it plans on growing to include flats in order to meet EU regulations that call for zero emissions from all structures by the year 2050.

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Patric Hellermann, general partner at Foundamental, said: “Tens of millions of buildings need retrofit insulation to remain viable economically and climate-wise. Christian and Sebastian found an ingenious way to industrialise retrofit insulation with their technology and process. We’re delighted to be supporting them and the entire VARM team to scale their impactful model across Germany and beyond.”

Gregory Dewerpe, general partner and founder at A/O asserts said, “We can’t decarbonise the built world without retrofitting existing building stock, and upgrading insulation is often the most efficient way to do this. Unfortunately, the shortage of installers and the fragmented journey has meant that homeowners often overlook insulation. VARM is making it easier and more affordable for buildings and homeowners to upgrade their insulation, reducing energy consumption and bills. We’re excited to be partnering with them on their journey.”

About VARM

Sebastian Wuerz and Christian Gruener, who earlier launched the co-living companies Homefully and Vitalon, respectively, founded VARM.

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Thermal insulation has always proven hard and time-consuming. The most cost-effective and effective way of subsequently insulating your building is using blown-in insulation. We finish your thermal insulation in a timely, transparent, and hassle-free manner.

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