Funding Wrap of the Week | European Startups Funding Roundup | March 3 – March 8

Mar 9, 2024 | By Startup Rise EU

European Startups raised capital in order to expand and move into more successful. Here is this week's Top 10 European Startups Funding Roundup.

European Startups raised capital in order to expand and move into more successful. Here is this week's Top 10 European Startups Funding Roundup.

The Top 10 European Startups Funding Roundup of This Week


Monzo secures €397 million in funding from CapitalG, the well-known autonomous growth fund of Alphabet that has supported startups like Stripe and Airbnb, led this round. Leading international tech investors GV (Google Ventures) and HSG (HongShan Capital), together with current sponsors Passion Capital and Tencent, are also participating in the round.

Monzo. One that is optimized for your modern lifestyle and runs on your smartphone. They think they can improve banking by attending to your needs promptly, treating you fairly, and being completely open and honest.


Mews secures €101 million in fresh funding. The round is led by existing investor Kinnevik, alongside Revaia, Goldman Sachs Alternatives, Notion Capital and new investor LGVP. The new funding values the company at $1.2bn.


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Mews is the leading platform for the new era of hospitality. Powering 5,000 customers across more than 85 countries, it’s Hospitality Cloud is designed to streamline operations for modern hoteliers, transform the guest experience and create more profitable businesses.

Carbon Equity

Carbon Equity secures an additional €100 million from 150 innovative climate tech companies, ssuch as CarbonCure Technologies, Sunfire Twelve Soly, and many more.

Carbon Equity provides investors with low-cost access to top climate private equity funds. They choose the best funds from the 800+ worldwide funds we have discovered, taking into account both financial performance and climate effect. 

Argá Medtech

Argá Medtech secures €54million in series B round funding. The round was led by the existing investors, Advent Life Sciences (UK) and Earlybird Health (Germany), as well as new investor Gilde Healthcare (the Netherlands) and an undisclosed strategic investor.

Argá Medtech SA is developing a Coherent Sine-Burst Electroporation™ (CSE™), Pulsed Field Ablation (PFA) system to treat patients with cardiac arrhythmias. The company was co-founded in June 2020 by veteran medical device executive David Neale, CEO, and serial entrepreneur Randy Werneth, CTO, and has offices in Lausanne, Switzerland and San Diego, CA, USA.


Zama secures $73 million in series A round funding. This round was co-led by Multicoin Capital and Protocol Labs, two of the leading pioneers in the blockchain industry, with participation from Metaplanet, Blockchange, VSquared, Stake Capital and Portal Ventures.

As well as several other strategic founders, including Juan Benet (Filecoin/IPFS), Gavin Wood (Ethereum/Polkadot), Anatoly Yakovenko (Solana), Julien Bouteloup (StakeDAO), and Tarun Chitra (Gauntlet). This round brings together the brightest minds in the industry to work toward a singular goal: making FHE ubiquitous in blockchain and AI.

Zama is an open-source cryptography startup creating cutting-edge Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) blockchain and artificial intelligence solutions. They think privacy should not be a concern for people.


Phagenesis secures $42 million in series D funding. Sectoral and EQT Life Sciences led the joint investment syndicate from the United States and Europe. Aphelion, Northern Gritstone, and British Patient Capital were among the new investors who joined the round.

They at Phagenesis are committed to revolutionizing the treatment of dysphagia. Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from the crippling condition known as dysphagia, or trouble swallowing. 

Multiverse Computing

Multiverse Computing secures €25 million in oversubscribed funding. The round was led by Columbus Venture Partners through their SCR, with significant contributions from Quantonation Ventures and new investors, including the European Innovation Council Fund, Redstone Quantum Fund, and Indi Partners, among other prominent backers.

Multiverse Computing is a leading quantum software platform dedicated to applying quantum and quantum-inspired solutions to address complex challenges in finance, energy, manufacturing, logistics, space, life sciences, healthcare, and defence, delivering tangible value today.


Haiper secures $13.8 million in seed round funding from Octopus Ventures led this round. Haiper will raise a Series A round in 2024 and have raised $19.2 million in total funding as of now.

Haiper, founded by former employees of Google DeepMind, TikTok, and prestigious academic research labs, offers state-of-the-art machine learning along with the conviction that creation ought to be enjoyable, unexpected, and communicative.


Threedy secures $10.4million in latest series A round funding. LBBW Venture Capital, Trumpf Venture, Futury Capital, and EquityPitcher Ventures were among the backers.

With the help of Threedy’s distinctive infrastructure component, businesses can now satisfy the ever-increasing need for highly available 3D data in interactive and responsive apps.

Wobble Genomics

Wobble Genomics secures €9.9 million in funding to help commercialise its technology. Old College Capital, the university’s venture fund, IQ Capital, EOS Advisors, and Mercia Ventures led the investment round.

Dr. Richard Kuo founded Wobble in 2021. He has over 15 years of experience in biology and bioengineering, and he spent more than 10 of those years conducting long-read RNA sequencing research at the university’s Roslin Institute. 

In various European Startups Funding Roundup, these startups raised funding from venture capitalists and angel investors, and secured place in the Top 10 European Startups Funding Deals of this Week.

Name the Top 10 European Startups Funding Roundup in This Week?

Monzo, Mews, Carbon Equity, Argá Medtech, Zama, Phagenesis, Multiverse Computing, Haiper, Threedy, Wobble Genomics, are the Top 10 European Startups Funding Roundup in This Week.

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