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[Funding alert] Milan-based Voidless Secures €2.2 Million in Seed Funding

Milan-based Voidless secures €2.2 million in seed funding. Leading this round were 360 Capital, an Italian-French venture capital firm, and CDP Venture Capital through the Industry Tech sector's Corporate Partners I Fund.

Milan-based Voidless secures €2.2 million in seed funding. Leading this round were 360 Capital, an Italian-French venture capital firm, and CDP Venture Capital through the Industry Tech sector’s Corporate Partners I Fund.

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With this round, which comes after 360 Capital’s €600,000 pre-seed in July 2022, Voidless will be able to expand its market share thanks to its next-generation “box on demand” machinery, which is made to precisely create boxes and packaging for every kind of shipment right in warehouses.

Carlo Villani, CEO of Voidless said, “In addition to the benefits deriving from the reduction of overpackaging, Voidless systems allow another series of operational advantages for the warehouse itself, The logistics operator verticalizes by producing the boxes in-house instead of buying them from third parties and this directly translates into an increase in flexibility, a simplification in procurement and the possibility of printing personalized messages or logos on each box, a key point for modern marketing”.

Voidless systems are simple to include into any kind of warehouse, enabling each logistics operator to quickly and accurately design the right-sized box for the item or cargo that has to be transported.

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The Voidless technique makes it possible to significantly optimize the entire logistics chain, which lowers waste from cardboard and filler materials and increases transit efficiency.

Enrico Filì, Partner of the IndustryTech sector of the Corporate Partners I fund, CDP Venture Capital, commented: “We think there is a great opportunity in the efficiency and decarbonization of logistics and packaging processes in which market operators driven by customer pressure must find solutions of immediate impact and flexible enough to adapt to the needs of companies of different sizes and growth rates; Voidless’ solution and its business model go in this direction. We are particularly happy to support a talented and young team like Voidless, which in a very short time has developed a product and won over its first customers”.

Lucrezia Lucotti, Partner at 360 Capital, added: “In less than two years, Voidless has managed to bring to market an innovative on-demand packaging solution that is more easily integrated and low-cost than existing solutions. We note that the strategy of companies is increasingly oriented towards a sustainable approach and oriented towards the end customer (who is increasingly attentive to environmental impact issues), all in line with the imperative of reducing packaging and transport costs. Congratulations to Carlo, Daniel, Guglielmo and Mattia for this result, which started from a garage near the Politecnico di Milano. There is still a lot of work to be done and we are happy to support them on this journey.”

About Voidless

The goal of Voidless is to address the issue of excessive packing in the online retail sector. They accomplish this by creating, constructing, and setting up the newest generation of box on-demand packaging systems, which precisely satisfy the demands of their clients in the context of Industry 4.0.

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