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Uk-based EV Charger Sharing Startup Joosup Launches To Plug The Public Infrastructure Gap

Electric vehicle (EV) charger sharing app Joosup is empowering EV owners with bookable electrified parking while allowing homeowners to rent out their chargers.

Electric vehicle (EV) charger sharing app Joosup is empowering EV owners with bookable electrified parking while allowing homeowners to rent out their chargers.

As an EV owner and advocate, Simon Burge had observed the imminent shift in private transportation several years ago, prompting the launch of Joosup in the summer of 2023 as the UK’s most feature-rich EV charger sharing app.

With over 25 years’ experience in web, SaaS development and digital marketing, Simon’s  professional journey spans roles in creative agencies across the UK, UAE and the USA, as well as founding and running web and marketing agencies.

Today, driven by creativity and a passion for problem-solving, Simon’s goal is to positively impact the environment and contribute to future mobility solutions by facilitating convenient and sustainable EV charging through his startup Joosup.

Market opportunity and traction

Joosup’s inception was driven by the realisation that the UK’s public EV charging infrastructure lagged behind the rising rates of EV adoption. What’s more, recent developments including the government’s missed motorway charge-points target and its postponed 2035 ban on the sale of new internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, have only served to underscore the urgency of alternative solutions.

Recognising the pivotal role of privately owned off-street EV chargers, Joosup sets out to plug the gap in the UK’s public infrastructure as EV adoption continues to surge. By leveraging tens of thousands of existing chargers nationwide, Joosup provides a convenient charging solution for drivers in city flats, terraced homes or areas with limited public charging options.

Furthermore, the startup’s pricing structure ensures drivers not only gain easier access to bookable off-street chargers, but also enjoy EV charging at rates lower than many public Charge Point Operators (CPOs). This affordability fosters a more inclusive and accessible environment for widespread EV adoption.

Creating an inclusive EV platform

Joosup operates like a marketplace, empowering not only drivers but also EV charger owners to rent their charge-points and unlock a new income stream – tax-free up to £1,000 GBP per annum. The aim is to foster a ‘destination charging’ culture, making EV charging cost-effective, accessible and environmentally friendly, contributing to the UK’s sustainability targets.

The platform is designed to address the challenges in EV charging infrastructure by providing a unique solution to the scarcity of reliable public charge-points. Charger owners benefit from additional income while EV drivers benefit from bookable electrified parking at competitive rates, tackling charger anxiety and enhancing their charging experience.

In terms of business model and value proposition, Joosup users pay a small service fee at the time of charging with an option to upgrade to a low-cost monthly subscription. This structure makes Joosup the only true peer-to-peer EV charging app, enabling affordable and bookable EV charging throughout the UK.

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Road to success

Joosup’s journey to date as a burgeoning startup in the EV charger sharing space has been marked by several factors that have contributed to its early success.

From identifying and addressing the critical challenges faced by EV drivers and homeowners, to forming strategic partnerships with major EV charger manufacturers, OZEV-approved installers and local sustainable businesses. Understanding its users’ pain points and providing a seamless solution has also been critical to the growth of the platform – this user-centric approach is also reflected in the app’s design, features and the value it delivers to both EV owners and drivers.

Despite being pre-revenue, Joosup’s strategic efforts have garnered attention and engagement, building awareness and attracting over 500 active users within a short timeframe. Another factor for success has been the embrace of adaptability and a culture of continuous learning. As a startup, Joosup recognises the importance of staying agile, iterating based on user feedback and evolving alongside the dynamic EV landscape.

Tackling the challenges

Despite its early stage, Joosup has already faced a range of challenges in its startup journey – from navigating a competitive landscape and defining a sustainable financial model, to staying abreast of the evolving regulations in the EV space and adapting the business model accordingly.

However, one of the most challenging decisions in the journey of building the platform was establishing the financial model – more specifically determining the fees users pay and structuring how and when these would be collected. Striking the right balance between offering affordable, accessible EV charging options for users while ensuring a sustainable revenue stream was key. Ultimately, the final decision resulted in the current financial model that aligns with Joosup’s mission of providing affordable, reliable and bookable EV charging.

Going forward, in order to address other challenges that come from operating in an EV market still in its early stages, Joosup will continuously monitor the sector’s evolution as well as its user feedback to maintain a balance between simplicity and robust features.

The journey ahead

The ultimate goal is for Joosup to become integral to EV drivers’ lives as EV uptake accelerates in the coming years. Strategic partnerships and a user-friendly experience will position the app as a vital resource for UK drivers, with future plans involving the expansion of the platform’s accessibility to various technologies and integrating into vehicle infotainment systems.

As a self-funded startup, Joosup is also exploring funding options such as grants and government initiatives to accelerate platform development. Always moving forward acknowledging the risks and continuing to support the UK’s uptake of emission-free vehicles.

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