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[Funding alert] Contract Management Startup Tomorro Secures €11 Mn Funding Led by Resonance

[Funding alert] Contract Management Startup Tomorro Secures €11 Mn Funding Led by Resonance
Team Tomorro

Tomorro secured €11 million, with the help of its historical investors, HenQ, which is also investing again, and Resonance (Metomic, Zeliq), Financière Saint James (Lydia, Spendesk), and Motier Ventures (, Alma).

“This fundraising marks a turning point in our adventure. It reflects the market’s confidence in our vision and reinforces our resolve to expand our impact. This funding will allow us to (further) grow our team, enrich our product with advances in Artificial Intelligence and prepare the ground for international expansion”, the startup said.

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“This market is undergoing radical change, and companies expect greater automation and collaboration around their contracts. This new round of financing was necessary to enable Tomorro to establish itself as a leader in France and prepare for the future with international ambitions,” said Antoine Fabre, co-founder & CEO of Tomorro.

After only three years on the market, Tomorro has won over more than 200 French and European enterprises over to its cause. This kind of solution is clearly needed, and Tomorro’s founders’ goal of becoming the industry leader in France is further supported by the company’s success, as reported by eu-startups.

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The purpose of this second round of funding is to help with the product’s development using Gen AI as well as its commercial acceleration. Tomorro, formerly known as Leeway, was founded in 2019 and is revolutionising the contract management industry with its automated, collaborative solution for legal and operational teams.

About Tomorro

The modern contract management solution for businesses who are concerned with contracts is Tomorro, which was formerly known as Leeway. The finest tool for drafting, negotiating, signing, and keeping track of contracts is this one. Loved by more than a thousand businesses all across the world.

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