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[Funding alert] Brussels-based Syndicate One Secures €4.8 Million of it’s Debut Fund

Syndicate One, a Brussels-based company, secures €4.8 million of its first fund after initially making its funds available to outside investors in 2023.

Syndicate One, a Brussels-based company, secures €4.8 million of its first fund after initially making its funds available to outside investors in 2023.

Although a second (already oversubscribed) closing is scheduled for early 2024, Syndicate One will be able to begin investing in the most ambitious Belgian early-stage companies right away thanks to this initial money infusion.

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Since its founding in the first half of 2022, Syndicate One has invested in high-potential early-stage Belgian tech companies like Techwolf, Aikido, SAPI, Kennek, Sirona Technologies, and others. It has also facilitated connections between the founders of these companies and Belgian operators and entrepreneurs who have previously scaled companies like Collibra, Showpad, Qover, and Cowboy.

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In this first closure, over 70 outside investors—business owners, families, and institutional investors—answered the appeal for outside finance, representing the forces shaping the Belgian economy.

Giulia Van Waeyenberge from Sofina said, “Consistent with our goal to create sustainable economic value by supporting innovative businesses, we’re happy to partner with Syndicate One. Bringing Belgium’s top tech talent together in one startup ecosystem, will help scale Belgian tech innovation to new heights,”.

Laurens De Poorter, the founder of Syndicate One, added: “Belgium has everything it takes to be a flourishing tech ecosystem, but we need to work together to make that happen. This new fund adds new stakeholders to our platform built on the union of successful Belgian tech entrepreneurs. The commitment of these institutional investors, government funds, and family offices allow us to make more and larger investments in Belgian tech startups, extend our network with more professionals who can help our portfolio companies thrive, and push for systemic change with all the relevant stakeholders.”

Pieterjan Bouten, co-founder of Showpad, commented: “Belgium’s technology ecosystem is rapidly evolving, yet it continues to trail behind several other regions. The Syndicate One initiative stands out as a remarkable endeavor, primarily due to its clear and targeted mission.What sets it apart even further is the extraordinary group of people it brings together – a unique blend of entrepreneurs and operators that promises to propel the Belgian tech scene forward.”

Entrepreneurs investing in this initial close include Jeroen de Wit (Teamleader), Stephane Kurgan (Index Ventures, ex-King), Stijn Christiaens (Collibra), Pieterjan Bouten (Showpad), Martijn Theeuwissen (Datacamp), Sébastien Deletaille (Rosa), Olivier Verdin (AppTweak), Quentin Nickmans (Hexa), Matthias Geeroms (OTA Insights), Cedric De Vleeschauwer (Alan).

Michel Akkermans (ex Clear2Pay), Guillaume van Rijckevorsel (Soil Capital, former Darts-ip), Alexandre Cardon (Dogchef, ex-Qustomer), Sam Heymans (Lizy), Bart Becks (Euractiv), Tim Dierckxsens (Venly). Many more have committed to follow on for the final close of the fund.

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In parallel with this initial close, new members are growing the ranks of Syndicate One: Laurens De Beyter (N26), Pierrine Carlier (ex-Proxyclic, Javry), Sibylle Greindl (ex-Accountable), Martin Schmitz (DataCamp), Dieter Wachters (ex-Collibra, Raito), Pauline Brunel (Blackfin), Nicolas Vereecke (Bitcraft), Cedric Cops (Mediahuis Ventures), and Tiny De Waele (Deliverect).

About Syndicate One

Syndicate One firmly think that Belgium has the capacity to become a major European centre for entrepreneurship. Even if the local tech scene has advanced significantly, they still have a ways to go. Syndicate One wants to help Belgian tech attain its full potential by bringing together stakeholders from throughout the ecosystem around the shared objective of assisting its most ambitious founders.

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