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[Funding alert] Rotterdam-based Umob Secures €6 million in Funding

[Funding alert] Rotterdam-based Umob Secures €6 million in Funding
Team Umob

Umob, a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform based in Rotterdam, has secured €6 million in funding from a number of investors.

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With the help of this financing, the business is better positioned to scale globally and quickly increase the appeal and accessibility of non-automobile modes of transportation.

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A mission that begins with helping communities coordinate and broaden their support for shared transportation, with umob playing an important supporting role alongside local governments, suppliers of services, and businesses.

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Raymon Pouwels, co-founder umob, explained: “To make shared mobility a good alternative to private transportation, which is a frequent source of pollution, the cause of ever-increasing traffic jams, and more and more full parking lots – there must always be a vehicle at your disposal within a three-minute walk. Due to factors such as regulations, a transportation provider can’t manage this on its own. A MaaS app makes all the difference here: with all providers in one app, you always have a transportation option within walking distance.”

Umob also wants to start assisting towns to improve the incorporation of shared mobility, in addition to its goal of offering a comprehensive and accessible mobility platform.

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In order to do this, it looks at various factors, such as the ideal locations for mobility hubs, provider mediation, and data interchange. Umob aims to promote the adoption of shared mobility through cooperation.

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Bibi Jorissen, co-founder umob, said: “Offering a large and diverse range of services is only one aspect important to the success of shared transport. Practical elements such as parking spaces, hotspots and nuisances are at least as important. With the anonymized data and knowledge we collect from all carriers and travel movements, we are a central stakeholder to municipalities, providers and companies. Together we must ensure that we are shaping the transportation of the future in the right way.”

About umob

Founded in The Netherlands, umob plans to use its new investment to rapidly expand its services to wider Europe.

In August 2023, umob launched its app, unifying every one of the travel alternatives in the Netherlands. Umob users may plan, reserves, and check out their excursions using a single app with full integration, eliminating the need to use multiple apps of the providers. The MaaS app has incorporated all shared transportation in addition to taxis and public transportation.

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