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[Funding alert] Metz-based i-Virtual Secures €3 Million in Funding

Metz-based i-Virtual Secures €3 Million in Funding. accepting Malakoff Humanis as an investor via a collaboration between Elaia and its CVC, "MH Innov."

Metz-based i-Virtual Secures €3 Million in Funding. accepting Malakoff Humanis as an investor via a collaboration between Elaia and its CVC, “MH Innov.”

The group is particularly thrilled that Elaia and UI Investissement, two of its original investors, are still on board. The main objectives of this fresh round of funding will be to support i-Virtual’s ongoing advancements in its camera-based blood pressure monitoring technology as well as its commercial growth throughout Europe.

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Additionally, the business will complete its research and development work on camera-based blood pressure monitoring, providing new opportunities for remote medical monitoring and cardiovascular disease prevention. In order to find new biomarkers using the camera, i-Virtual will keep coming up with new ideas and develop its roadmap, opening the door for creative medical applications.

Gaël Constancin, i-Virtual’s CEO said, “We are delighted to welcome Malakoff Humanis as a strategic industrial partner in this crucial phase of our growth. We have a long history of strong interest from the insurance sector, and this investment through the partnership between Malakoff Humanis and Elaia confirms i-Virtual’s strategic positioning, Their expertise and commitment to innovation align perfectly with i-Virtual’s vision. This additional funding will enable us to accelerate the development of our products and consolidate our leading position in the market.”

The Metz-based business is pursuing its commercial expansion throughout Europe with the goal of becoming successful. It has created the first medical device technology that is CE-certified for measuring vital signs using a straightforward video selfie.

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Together with the capital investment, i-Virtual also has the backing of the Grand Est region, which is once again demonstrating its support through money provided by Bpifrance as part of the “Grand Est – France 2030 regionalized” project.

Gauthier Lalande, Executive Director of MH Innov’ said, “This investment is in line with Malakoff Humanis’ desire to seek out more disruptive technology for the benefit of our customers on a daily basis, and thus to integrate I-Virtual’s solution into our offerings. Our investment also illustrates our objective of supporting the best start-ups in the healthcare deep tech sector in order to develop the impact of digital health across the country, particularly in areas where it is becoming difficult to obtain physical medical appointments. We are proud to be able to support I-Virtual, a French nugget in the health deep-tech space, to help it achieve this shared ambition”,.

Pauline De Breteuil, Associate Director UI Investissement – Majycc Innovation Santé said, “The entry of a major player in the insurance sector such as Malakoff Humanis as a shareholder marks a turning point in the history of i-Virtual, demonstrating the interest of its cutting-edge technology in the insurance pathway,” .

About i-Virtual

i-Virtual, a company founded in 2014, is transforming digital health with its camera-based remote patient monitoring system. Their system improves preventative and health monitoring with real-time accuracy provided by AI and computer vision technologies. Their objective is to make healthcare more proactive rather than reactive and to democratise access to high-quality treatment.

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