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[Funding alert] Prague-based Blindspot Technologies Secures €1.4 Million in Funding

Blindspot Technologies, based in Prague, secures €1.4 million. Prozeta, an IT startup, Damir Spoljaric through his Gi21 fund, and Presto Ventures led this investment.
Team – Blindspot Technologies

Blindspot Technologies, based in Prague, secures €1.4 million. Prozeta, an IT startup, Damir Spoljaric through his Gi21 fund, and Presto Ventures led this investment.

This Seed round is a major endorsement of the company’s creative cybersecurity strategy and its capacity to have a worldwide influence.

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The funds will be utilised to broaden operations and penetrate new regions, like Southeast Asia, which is proving to be more vulnerable to cyberattacks due to the region’s rapidly rising reliance on digital technologies for both business and economy.

David Cermak, Blindspot Technologies’ Founder and CEO, said: “As the number, volume, and complexity of cyber attacks continue to grow, partly fueled by state-financed assaults on critical infrastructure, we aspire to become the world’s leading provider of DDoS protection services. We pride ourselves on offering rapid deployment and robust reliability of our solution. I firmly believe that the resilience of modern societies against cyber threats hinges not only on relentless research and development but also on collaboration and partnerships between experts across the segment, as well as between these experts and the public sector,”.

Blindspot Technologies’ DDoS avoidance is special because of how quickly it can be implemented thanks to its cloud-based architecture and technologies. It can be put into use in a couple of hours or days, while the market standard for deployment typically takes months.

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The Blindspot solution adapts to the unique needs of the end users or the complex architecture of the infrastructure that needs to be protected.

Eduard Kucera, Presto Ventures Partner, commented: “What excites us the most is the ease of deployment, allowing for immediate threat response, coupled with invaluable insights. Blindspot is addressing an untapped market, where major players often overlook these crucial features that clients require. Blindspot’s mission is to empower businesses with proactive, effective, and accessible cybersecurity solutions, ensuring their networks remain resilient in an ever-changing threat landscape.”

Damir Spoljaric, Founder of Gi21, added: “It’s a well-known fact that cyber attacks are increasing in intensity, volume, and sophistication. This trend will not abate. There are more and more devices connected to the Internet and with more bandwidth. The vast majority of the small subset that uses at least some form of protection is reliant on local solutions that are expensive in the first place and represent a bottleneck in terms of resilience and attack detection capacity.”

About Blindspot Technologies

Blindspot Technologies is a specialist in creating and offering defences against online threats. Our DDoS protection solutions are depended upon by our clients. By utilising cutting-edge AI and cloud technology, we protect critical infrastructure, income, and a good name.

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Blindspot Technologies is a cybersecurity solution built with the B2B market in mind. It offers superior Web Application and API security in addition to comprehensive DDoS protection.

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