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[Funding alert] Dutch Startup The Selection Lab Raises €1.25 million in Funding

Dutch Startup The Selection Lab raises €1.25 million in funding.The round is led by Borski Fund, and joined by a current investor Arches Capital.
Jordi Wippert – CTO of The Selection Lab(left), Lotte Welten-Everaers – co-founder and CEO(Middle), Yuri Everaers-Welten – co-founder and COO(Right)

Dutch Startup The Selection Lab raises €1.25 million in funding.The round is led by Borski Fund, and joined by a current investor Arches Capital.

The Selection Lab has accomplished to break through the issues of complexity, pricing, and bad user experience that continue to stigmatise objective screening methods.

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The software developed by The Selection Lab is easy-to-use without prior HR experience, can be integrated with other HR software, and uses only scientifically validated tests.

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A smart data layer provides an objective way to analyse the soft skills of candidates. The layer allows recruiters to compare the skill profiles of candidates to different groups such as other applicants or best performing employees.

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Joeri Everaers, COO and co-founder of The Selection Lab said, “Due to our partnership with Borski, not only are we able to continue to grow our revenue, but also double down on impact,”.

Laura Rooseboom, Partner at Borski Fund, viewed the benefits of the investment in a similar light: “Investing in The Selection Lab highlights our vision for the future of hiring – one that prioritises an objectivity, inclusivity, and fair process to ensure that organisations can confidently choose the best candidates for their success. This aligns with our core values of innovation, diversity, and the pursuit of excellence in finding the right individuals for organisations.”

Lotte Welten, CEO and co-founder at The Selection Lab said, “With this investment, we’re one step closer to revolutionising the selection process of employees – making it more objective, more professional, and more focused on the soft skills that truly matter,” added “Together, we will redefine what it means to be ‘the right fit’ and boost diversity at the same time.”.

Since its founding in 2018, The Selection Lab is set on a stellar growth path. The client base has expanded from 30 to over 180 over the last two years, and the traction unquestionably proves that The Selection Lab has developed a software that meets the demands of a highly versatile market.

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The investment will contribute towards the expansion of the tech and sales, as well as boosting client acquisition through marketing.

About The Selection Lab

The Selection Lab is an Amsterdam-based developer of assessment technology to screen applicants. Since 2018, the founders Lotte Welten (CEO),Joeri Everaers (COO), and Jordi Wippert (CTO), have helped envision an objective, skill-based hiring method that is both user-friendly and easy to implement.

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About Borski Fund

Borski Fund is an innovative Venture Capital Fund founded by the dedicated duo of Simone Brummelhuis and Laura Rooseboom in 2019. With an initial commitment of €21M, and current fund size of €40M through multiple closings, Borski Fund continues to ease the access of inclusive and gender diverse start-ups to capital.

The Fund continues to provide driven entrepreneurs the key to a vast world of growth opportunities and success stories.

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