How Singapore-based Startup Manages Long-distance Delivery with its DAAS Solution

Wednesday 7, 2024 | By Startuprise

How Singapore-based Startup Manages Long-distance Delivery with its DAAS Solution is a long-distance food delivery platform where you can enjoy your favorite food. It was founded by mechanical engineer Krishnamani Kannan.

Market opportunities and traction

Singapore is by far one of the leading country in Asia. But there were many gaps in the delivery market, like the limited reach of delivery up to a 3–4 km radius. Only third-party logistics providers are available for the job. Restaurants find it hard to attract riders. Further, they have to shut down their whole home delivery operation if there is a lack of riders and the delivery experience is inconsistent. And also, there is a shortage of professional delivery personnel and an overreliance on freelance riders. And that’s why the idea of came about: making some deliveries better than others, resulting in certain restaurants getting more favorable results.

Think outside the box = DAAS is an innovative AI-based DAAS framework. DAAS, DELIVER AS A SERVICE, is an online service beyond simple food delivery. It introduces many new revenue models that promise to propel its rapid growth. In addition to delivering typical food, the startup offered fixed and subscription-based delivery payment models. To make the subscription model attractive, also provides free marketing support to its subscription payment partners.

Other innovations that the startup has introduced in its service model are route optimization or in-app route suggestions that will optimize distance covered and delivery times. It also promises to introduce several delivery features that will further help the customer and make the whole delivery process a breeze! Drive and speed management features, which the firm is working on presently, ensure better rider management besides solving the thorny issues of speed.

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Couple of is the brainchild of two industry leaders with many decades of experience: Krishnamani Kannan, co-founder and CEO, and Naresh Kumar, co-founder and COO.

Kannan has an extensive and chequered professional career in the IT industry spread over two decades, which includes 5+ years in the F&B industry and 20+ years in the managing teams. His IT expertise and financial acumen give had the technological vision to have an edge and ensure company finances remain in the pink of health.

On the other hand, Naresh has worked for over 5 years as an F&B consultant, with an additional 5+ years spent in the logistics sector. He also has extensive experience in social media and branding, and his expertise helps acquire a distinct and appealing brand positioning.

Skyrocketing progressive breakthrough

Some time back, expanded its footprint in the southern part of India with its acquisition of Busybee. Busybee is a platform for lifestyle and courier services that has operational centers in over 317 locations across five southern Indian states and over 1800 riders.

Also, recently, a reputed Singapore-based firm offered an acquisition proposal to is a real-world testament to the firm’s commanding market position and how it can quickly scale itself in the future.

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The Way ahead

Right now, the team behind is working on providing hyperlocal deliveries tailored to homes guarded by private gates, bringing them speedy, secure, and convenient service.

The firm is also looking forward to extending its footprint to other lucrative markets like southeast Asia, where it intends to focus on dynamic urban centers, providing them with the localization features necessary to ensure a seamless delivery service.

Another market the startup is keen to leverage is the premium Middle East GCC, where it wants to introduce its advanced delivery solutions. The region’s digital literacy makes it particularly suitable for

Asia Award 2023 by International Icons of Excellence and its team have received numerous accolades and awards for their innovative services, which include the best e-commerce fulfillment service in Asia.

E-Commerce Awards 2023, Singapore, and ‘THE BEST LONG DISTANCE FOOD DELIVERY PARTNER’ by international icons of excellence 2023, India. presents innovative and effective solutions in a promising market and is looking to further its technological and geographical horizons!

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