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Profitable Manufacturing Business Ideas Europe 2024

Jun 10, 2024 | By Startup Rise EU

In this article we will discuss the manufacturing business opportunities in Europe that are profitable. There is a need for supply in the growing market which creates space for manufacturing business.
Profitable Manufacturing Business Ideas Europe 2024

In this article we will discuss the manufacturing business opportunities in Europe that are profitable. There is a need for supply in the growing market which creates space for manufacturing business.

We will discuss about 15 manufacturing businesses that can solve the market demand while giving abundant benefits to the entrepreneur.

What is a manufacturing business?

Manufacturing businesses produce goods by converting raw materials and components into finished products, whether through manual or machine processes. These companies use raw materials such as food products, wood, metal, and stone to manufacture various goods.

Many of the products we use on a daily basis go through manufacturing processes, transforming raw materials into finished goods with the help of tools, labour, and machines. Starting a manufacturing business offers the chance to create customised products, earn profits, and create employment opportunities for others.


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Here's a list of profitable manufacturing business ideas in Europe in 2024:

Food manufacturing business

The food and beverage sector is one of the largest industries globally. It focuses on the production of food for consumers. This business specialises in various food categories such as snacks, cereals, milk, canned fish, and nuts. By catering to specific dietary needs, such as vegan and gluten-free options, one can stand out in this industry.

One of the notable benefits of running a food manufacturing business is the ability to distribute products through diverse channels, such as grocery stores, health stores, social media platforms, and online marketplaces. Food manufacturing generates billions of dollars in revenue worldwide. It is a profitable manufacturing business idea.

Textile manufacturing

Manufacturing and supplying textiles can be a profitable business idea because it is one of the most important and popular industries in the world. The textile manufacturing sector involves transforming natural fibres such as cotton, wool, silk, and linen or synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, and rayon into fabrics.

The process involves spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing, and finishing fabrics. You can create a variety of products, including clothing fabrics, upholstery, carpets, curtains, towels, and industrial textiles, as a textile manufacturer.

To set up a textile manufacturing business, investment in equipment such as spinning machines, weaving looms, knitting machines, and printing and dyeing machines is important. To run a manufacturing facility with ease, it is necessary to follow safety and environmental regulations.

Herbal care product manufacturing

Making herbal products is a small-scale manufacturing business that offers the opportunity to produce organic items that support people's health. These products are usually formulated from botanicals and plants to maintain health or address specific medical problems. Organic raw materials can make herbal products like toothpaste, skincare items, and health drinks.

There is a high demand for herbal care products; it is a promising business idea. With increasing awareness about dietary choices due to various health concerns, starting a herbal product manufacturing company can meet the growing demand for health-promoting organic vitamins, herbal teas, and snacks.

In addition to meeting consumer preferences, this business also advocates adopting a healthy lifestyle. As a result, it offers a profitable and strategically advantageous business opportunity.

Paper Making

Paper manufacturing involves converting raw materials such as wood fibres, recycled fibres, and other substances into paper products. The process involves various mechanical, chemical, and other treatments that turn the raw materials into pulp, which is then made into continuous sheets of paper.

Paper manufacturing is an important industry because of the widespread use of paper in daily life, such as for packaging, note-taking, and grocery shopping. It is a process that converts plant cellulose fibres into paper.

Products that businesses can make through paper manufacturing include toilet paper, notebooks, paper cups, envelopes, packaging boxes, and paper carry bags. One of the benefits of paper is its eco-friendliness, as it can be recycled multiple times.

Manufacturing automotive components

There is a growing market for automotive parts in several countries. There is a significant gap in this sector that requires customization. To establish a business in automotive parts manufacturing, prioritise precision and quality materials while staying aware of industry trends. Invest in advanced machinery to improve production efficiency.

Emphasising quality and efficiency in the competitive automotive industry can lead to long-term success for a business. Automotive parts manufacturing involves the production of components for vehicles such as wheels, engine parts, bolts, gears, and electrical systems. This is the largest sector within the automotive industry. Therefore, manufacturers need suppliers capable of producing some of these parts.

Sports equipment manufacturing

Sports equipment manufacturing involves the production of a variety of gear for various sports, including balls, nets, helmets, shoes, bats, rackets, gloves, jerseys, and protective gear. Anyone can start their own manufacturing business by making equipment for popular sports like soccer, football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and golf.

To start a sports equipment manufacturing business, you need to invest in the appropriate equipment and machinery for production, such as CNC machines, moulding equipment, sewing machines, and laser cutters. You will need materials such as fabric, foam, plastic, rubber, and metal.

It is essential to ensure that your sports manufacturing facility meets safety standards. With more and more people getting involved in sports for fun and fitness, the demand for high-quality sports gear is increasing, making sports equipment manufacturing a lucrative business opportunity.

Furniture manufacturing

The demand for innovative, functional, and customisable furniture is increasing due to the diverse styles, designs, and cultures in the market. To meet this growing demand, it is important to satisfy people's needs with stylish, practical, and affordable furniture.

Starting a manufacturing company that makes modern, comfortable furniture for homes or offices is a significant opportunity. Apart from meeting the need for attractive and functional furniture, businesses are also influencing future design trends. Furniture making is a timeless and profitable business idea, with a variety of items such as chairs, tables, cupboards, beds, cabinets, and desks in constant demand throughout the year.

Office furniture, in particular, offers significant opportunities for entrepreneurs and is a popular small-scale manufacturing business globally. Furniture making involves working with materials such as wood, metal, glass, and upholstery to create pieces suitable for kitchens, homes, and offices.

Setting up a workshop, acquiring woodworking tools, and hiring skilled employees are the essential steps to setting up a furniture manufacturing business. Popular furniture choices for customers include chairs, tables, picture frames, and jewellery boxes.

3D printing services 

3D printing builds three-dimensional objects layer-by-layer using computer-generated designs. Its reliance on computer-aided design (CAD) allows for easy product changes without affecting manufacturing costs. It's ideal for rapid prototyping, enabling rapid in-house production without relying on external supply chains.

To start a 3D printing service, you'll need high-quality printers, software, and design skills. Offer services such as prototyping, product design, and customised merchandise, as well as invest in sales and marketing efforts to promote your business.

The growing popularity of 3D printing makes it a highly profitable manufacturing business idea. Your customer base may include artists, architects, and product designers, and you can also target the manufacturing sector by creating jigs, moulds, and fixtures.

Manufacturing of biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging

As we strive for a sustainable lifestyle, it is important to reduce plastic usage. This creates a significant need for plastic alternatives, making biodegradable plastic a great opportunity. Due to the demand from environmentally conscious businesses and consumers, there is a growing focus on creating eco-friendly alternatives to regular plastic.

As biodegradable plastic breaks down and reduces landfill waste, the industry is responding with sustainable solutions. Many European companies are already producing biodegradable plastic bags in various sizes and types.

Eco-friendly packaging is also important for the planet. It uses recyclable and biodegradable materials that cause less pollution and decompose faster than traditional ones. Modern consumers prefer these options due to their environmental awareness.

Various industries are adopting eco-friendly packaging concepts, allowing businesses and consumers to provide sustainable packaging solutions while addressing the challenge of reducing packaging waste.

Medical Supplies Manufacturing

The demand for medical supplies remains constant, and this makes it a reliable market. These supplies include items such as cotton swabs, gauze, syringes, needles, and surgical gloves. Starting a medical supply manufacturing unit requires government approval to ensure that the products are suitable for healthcare facilities and homes.

This business has its own challenges, so it is important to know how to address them effectively. As the biotech and pharmaceutical industries expand, meeting the demand for medical supplies becomes more important. This is one of the most profitable manufacturing business ideas.

Biotech and Pharmaceutical Production

Biotechnology has many opportunities in the manufacturing industry, as it is a rapidly growing sector. Entrepreneurs are getting involved in the production of various biotechnology and pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, generic medicines, and specialised biotechnology innovations. With the rise in diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and arthritis, there is a dire need to invest in biotechnology and pharmaceutical production.

The purpose of this investment is to fight these diseases and help individuals manage their medical conditions more effectively. Additionally, this industry advances healthcare and life sciences while offering promising financial prospects.

If you are looking for a professional manufacturing business idea, pharmaceutical manufacturing is a great option. A pharmaceutical manufacturing company makes medicines and healthcare products following strict regulations. It can be a profitable manufacturing business idea.

Crafting smart wearable devices

People around the world are increasingly interested in smart wearable devices that make their lives easier and more effective in an innovative way. The market for smart wearable devices like fitness trackers and smartwatches is growing rapidly and presents an exciting opportunity.

People are becoming more health-conscious and tech-savvy, and entrepreneurs can gain a competitive edge by creating innovative, feature-rich smart wearables that serve people's interests. This makes it a highly profitable manufacturing business idea. This trend offers a lucrative opportunity to attract tech-savvy customers and enter this fast-growing industry.

Components for Robotics and Automation

The world is rapidly moving towards automation. Automation components and robotics are at the forefront of industrial automation today. There is a growing interest in using innovative robotic and automated technology to solve everyday challenges in both business and home settings.

As various sectors look to automate processes, the demand for specialised parts such as sensors and actuators is growing. This creates a great opportunity for business owners to succeed by manufacturing the essential components needed for robots and automation systems. This is one of the fastest-growing areas in the manufacturing business and a promising idea for the future.

Solutions for Alternative Energy

As awareness of sustainable living is increasing, people are also looking for alternative solutions for energy apart from solar power, people are looking for other renewable energy solutions. Wind turbines, bio-energy systems, and energy-efficient appliances are becoming popular choices.

Manufacturers are developing various eco-friendly options and driving progress in the renewable energy sector. This progress is paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable society. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this opportunity by using innovation and technology to start manufacturing alternative renewable energy sources.

This is one of the best manufacturing business ideas in Europe for 2024. It not only meets market demand but also raises awareness about sustainable energy options.

The production of organic beauty and skincare products is underway

As more and more people become conscious of what they put on their skin, the demand for organic products is on the rise. This trend has made manufacturing beauty and skincare products from organic and natural ingredients a profitable business idea with low investment. Many entrepreneurs are entering this market by starting their own businesses, producing organic skincare and cosmetics.

Starting a small-scale natural skincare product business allows entrepreneurs to focus on a variety of organic items such as balms, lotions, serums, and face creams. You will need basic ingredients like herbs, natural oils, and essential oils, along with mixers, emulsifiers, and packaging equipment to start your business. It is important to have a good understanding of the chemistry and effects of each ingredient you use.

When selling your natural skincare products, you can reach out directly to spas, pharmacies, and organic shops. Social media is also a great option. Additionally, you can offer customised products for people with specific skin problems, such as acne or dryness. It is one of the most profitable manufacturing business ideas.


Significant opportunities exist in the manufacturing market, which offers room for manufacturing in various areas. The manufacturing process involves several stages, including design, raw material sourcing, production, quality control, packaging, and distribution.

Conduct thorough market research, understand regulatory requirements, and establish appropriate channels for equipment and labour. Additionally, focus on marketing, distribution, and customer support to run a successful manufacturing business. You can capitalise on profitable opportunities in this market.


Which manufacturing business is most profitable in Europe?

Medical supplies, biotech, and pharmaceutical production are some of the most profitable manufacturing businesses in Europe.

Which manufacturing business has a future in Europe?

Manufacturing solar power equipment, components for robotics and automation, and components for electric vehicles are some of the manufacturing businesses that have a future in Europe.

Which manufacturing business will grow fast in Europe?

Automotive, biotech, and pharmaceutical manufacturing are some of the top businesses that will grow fast in Europe.

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