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Slovak e-retail Software Company Luigi’s Box Acquired Persoo

Luigi's Box, a Slovak e-retail software startup, acquired Persoo. Both businesses use AI and ML to create customised search and product suggestions for online retailers.

Luigi’s Box, a Slovak e-retail software startup, acquired Persoo. Both businesses use AI and ML to create customised search and product suggestions for online retailers.

These days, sales backed by AI-driven search optimisation make up, on average, 25% of the overall revenue of e-retailers, and in some categories, even more than half.

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Based on Luigi’s Box’s experience, only 1 to 5 percent of searches return no results when configured correctly. On the other hand, the no-results average for non-optimized websites might range from 10–20%, and in particular circumstances, up to 40%.

In addition to bringing innovations and optimisations to the e-commerce industry, the integration of Persoo into Luigi’s Box will solidify Luigi’s leadership position in search optimisation in the Czech and Slovak markets.

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According to Gejza Nagy, co-founder and CEO of Luigi’s Box: “This opportunity has come at the right time in the evolution of Luigi’s Box. We’ve been working with Persoo on the acquisition for several months. We have a similar company culture, product, and vision for the future of e-commerce. We’re excited to have the Persoo team join us, bringing additional industry expertise and strengthening our position in Europe as we work towards new goals together.On the client side, the transition will be as seamless as possible. We’re confident that Persoo and Luigi’s Box clients will benefit from us joining forces, as they will now get an even better product.”

Pavel Pinkas, co-founder and CEO of Persoo, shared: “Persoo and Luigi’s Box have been following and inspiring each other for several years. Over the years, the idea of joining forces came up several times, and the merger was completed at the end of last year. The product synergies will be a great benefit for our joint client base. I’m excited about Persoo joining Luigi’s Box, forming an even stronger European player. I look forward to combining our strengths, expertise, experience, and ideas.”

About Luigi’s Box

A suite of e-commerce solutions called Luigi’s Box (search analytics, site search, and product discovery) helps you boost sales and conversions through providing your customers the greatest possible online shopping experience. They manage every contact, from search to product discovery, and provide you with total control and information to help you make business decisions.

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About Persoo

Persoo, Software corporation with headquarters in Europe and headquarters located at 180 Sansome St., San Francisco, California 94104, USA. Persoo is a supplementary omnichannel orchestration solution for customisation and marketing automation in e-commerce.

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