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Empathy in Action: Live With Joy’s Pioneering Efforts to Combat Elder Loneliness

Live With Joy distinguishes itself in a crowded market by offering comprehensive personal healthcare services that address both medical and non-medical needs.

As a community that promotes unity support, and a feeling of family for older parents in India, Live With Joy aspires to provide caring and all-encompassing services for the elderly. Through individualised care and companionship programmes, they aim to improve the quality of life for the elderly and help them overcome feelings of lonely. Their purpose is to build a community that welcomes and cherishes the ageing process. Live With Joy’s dedication to providing first-rate treatment is strengthened by collaborations with institutions of higher learning and industry experts in nutrition, fitness, and health services.

Why Live With Joy Started?

The well-being of ageing parents was the driving force behind Mr. Ravi Iyer, Mr. Premkumar Panicker, and Mrs. Madhumati Iyer’s significant mission in Mumbai, a bustling city. The creators of Live With Joy found great inspiration in the need to give seniors not only care but also real friendship, making their lives feel happy and family-like.

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The Startup Landscape

Inspired by their own experiences, the three recognised the great need in society for the services they offered. Live With Joy was founded with the intention of bridging the gap in the lives of alone seniors, in addition to being a business endeavour.

Setting the Stage

As these accomplished people combined their knowledge, Live With Joy started becoming a reality. The team intended it as an integrated approach to solving the problem of being alone and caring for senior citizens in India, based on Ravi Iyer’s knowledge of the corporate sector. Live With Joy began as a very personal project. With ageing parents living alone in a far-off city, worry for their welfare served as a driving force for a service that went beyond basic caregiving to include true companionship.

Live With Joy

It all started when the founders saw the widespread being alone that elderly people endured, which was sparked by their own experiences with children living overseas. Realisation hit: elderly family members wanted more than simply medical attention, especially when offspring were far away chasing their own dreams. In an effort to fill this need, Live With Joy was born, with the goals of providing affirmation, honouring their life stories, and creating a safe space to express their more innocent feelings. Live With Joy was founded with a committed team of people skilled in empathy since many elderly people, albeit living comfortably, lived lonely lives as a result of bereavement or distance from family.

Funding Strategies

Live With Joy is currently raising capital internally and plans to get in touch with investors shortly. The business is interested in discussing funding possibilities with like-minded investors.

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Target Audience and Market Potential

The initiative Live With Joy aims to support elderly and lonely Indians who are living alone when people in their family are overseas or in other parts of India. The initiative, which offers services including Companionship, Assisted Care, Psychologist on Call, and Support on Call, caters to the necessities of the older population in a nation where 275 million people will be old by 2030. An estimated 18–20 million people in this group who live alone struggle with loneliness.

Competitive Edge and Collaborations

Live With Joy distinguishes itself in a crowded market by offering comprehensive personal healthcare services that address both medical and non-medical needs. One noteworthy difference is the inclusion of psychology as a critical component of thorough treatment. In order to ensure a blend of professional and technical expertise, the business strategically welcomed industry experts.

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Future Goals

Live With Joy hopes to establish a community in the near future where all elderly people celebrate life. Every senior citizen’s close friends and family can rest easy knowing that Live With Joy and its skilled staff are taking good care of their loved ones.

The Founding Team

With ServRyte Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mr. Ravi Iyer, Mr. Premkumar Panicker, and Mrs. Madhumati Iyer combined their experience to transform senior citizen facilities in India. Their startup, “Live With Joy,” became a symbol of hope as it told the tale of providing older people with support, care, and joy.

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