Funding Wrap of the Week | European Startups Funding Roundup | April 14 – April 18

Apr 19, 2024 | By Startup Rise EU

European Startups raised capital in order to expand and move into more successful. Here is this week's Top 10 European Startups Funding Roundup.

European Startups raised capital in order to expand and move into more successful. Here is this week's Top 10 European Startups Funding Roundup.

The Top 10 European Startups Funding Roundup of This Week

Tree Energy Solutions

Tree Energy Solutions (“TES”), a global green energy company leading the way in the production of e-NG (electric natural gas derived from green hydrogen) with a mission to deliver reliable and affordable green energy through giga-scale projects, secures its third fundraising round at €140m.

TES is a leader in the field of sustainable energy. Tree Energy Solutions, a European-based company, is dedicated to providing everyone with dependable, reasonably priced green energy by executing large-scale projects through the application of a tried-and-true, scalable, and economical approach.


GridBeyond is a leading provider of intelligent energy and smart grid platforms for distributed energy resource management secures €52.25 million in series C round funding. Klima, Alantra’s Energy Transition Fund, headed the round. Energy Impact Partners, Mirova, Act Venture Capital, ABB, Constellation, and Yokogawa Electric Corporation were among the other new and returning investors in the Series C round.


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GridBeyond has worked to advance its AI platform, enabling companies to fully use their energy assets and guaranteeing energy’s affordability, sustainability, and resilience as the globe approaches a carbon-free future.

Mosa Meat

Mosa Meat, a leader in cultivated beef production, secures €40 million in new funding to finance the next phase for the company. The funds will be used to further scale up production processes and prepare for market entry.

In front of an enthusiastic press gathering in London in 2013, their Chief Scientific Officer Professor Mark Post introduced the first-ever cultured beef hamburger. The patty was taken straight out of the cells of cows, without the need to raise and kill a whole animal.


Finmid, an innovation in financial infrastructure that enables B2B platforms to provide customised finance support to their small and medium-sized clientele, has come out of stealth to obtain €35 million in equity capital from Blossom Capital, Earlybird VC, and Max Tayenthal, the founder of N26.

Finmid, which was founded in 2021 by Max Schertel and Alexander Talkanitsa, two former N26 workers, is revolutionising small business banking by empowering B2B software providers to provide financing options to their clients in a fast and risk-free manner.


Wagestream’s, a financial benefits platform, employers such as Asda, Burger King, Bupa, Hilton, and others use secures €20.4 million in funding from new and existing investors.

Wagestream, which was established in 2018, plans to use the most recent funds to broaden its offerings and develop into a “full financial platform” for low- and middle-class employees.

Red Rover Interactive

Red Rover Interactive, an ambitious game production firm dedicated to crafting unique and incredibly captivating multiplayer experiences, has raised over €14 million in series A round. With the help of gaming behemoth KRAFTON

Red Rover Interactive VC-backed and founded in 2023, they are based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, and Oslo, Norway. They were developing an evolution of sandbox survival with the goal of providing genuinely unique player experiences since they think that social interactions and drama in games may have a profoundly positive impact.


Lawhive, a London-based AI-powered platform for lawyers, has raised over €11 million in startup money to further its goal of lowering the cost and simplifying the process of getting high-quality, knowledgeable legal assistance for consumers and small businesses.

A group of individuals who are committed to simplifying, enhancing accessibility, and making legal services more manageable for all people formed Lawhive. They are expanding the greatest network of attorneys in the UK to provide people, families, and small businesses with expert legal services at fair prices.


Qureight, a biotech company, has raised $8.5 million in a series A fundraising round. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and pulmonary hypertension are two examples of complex lung and heart illnesses that currently have low survival rates and few available therapeutic options.

Qureight was established in 2018 and has its headquarters in Cambridge, UK. Its initial focus is on data curation and clinical trial imaging analysis for lung and heart diseases.


Cozero, the ClimateTech software company winner of the German Sustainability Award, secures €6.5 million in series A round funding Kvanted Ventures and ENV (EnBW New Ventures) led the investment.

Cozero is a leading provider of carbon management software for enterprises. Founded in Berlin in 2020 by Helen Tacke, Fabian Schwarzer, and Tiago Taveira, Cozero empowers enterprises to take control of their environmental footprint and decarbonization journey.


AmphiStar, a biotech startup based in Ghent that provides locally manufactured microbial biosurfactants to businesses looking to build sustainable, effective, and reasonably priced products that use surfactants as key performance elements raises €6 million in funding.

AmphiStar is the first business to design, develop, produce, and market 100% biobased waste and side streams-sourced sophorolipid biosurfactants. These amphiphilic biosurfactants can be used in a wide range of applications, including agrochemicals, textiles, industrial cleansers, cosmetics, personal care, and home and personal care.

In various European Startups Funding Roundup, these startups raised funding from venture capitalists and angel investors, and secured place in the Top 10 European Startups Funding Deals of this Week.

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Tree Energy Solutions, GridBeyond, Mosa Meat, finmid, Wagestream, Red Rover Interactive, Lawhive, Qureight, Cozero, AmphiStar, are the Top 10 European Startups Funding Roundup in This Week.

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