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[Funding alert] Stockholm-based Ankra Secures €1.1 million in Seed Funding

Stockholm-based Ankra Secures €1.1 million in pre- seed funding round led by UK B2B investor SuperSeed, alongside industry-leading angel investors.
Benjamin Klingsbo – COO & Co-Founder (Left), Mattias Åsell – CEO & Co-Founder (Right)

Stockholm-based Ankra Secures €1.1 million in pre- seed funding round led by UK B2B investor SuperSeed, alongside industry-leading angel investors.

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Ankra automates the establishment and oversight of cloud infrastructure in a compliant manner, enabling businesses and products to go online in days as opposed to waiting for lengthy setups.

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The additional funding will go toward growing Ankra’s platform in order to serve a customer waitlist and support the growing operations of the business in the UK market.

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Co-founders Mark Shine, Mattias Karlsson sell, and Benjamin Klingsbo saw a growing problem: developers getting to spend hours maintaining systems as cloud infrastructure complexity increases and businesses grow more quickly. They utilized their experience working on Ericsson’s 5G projects, Saab’s military-grade infrastructure, Sweden’s FX banking infrastructure, and business scaling at Google to identify this issue.

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Mattias Karlsson Åsell, CEO of Ankra said,“Today, 30% of a fintech developer’s time gets bogged down in configuring and maintaining cloud infrastructure. This stalls companies and delays their applications from hitting the market. Ankra simplifies this, streamlining operations with a self-service approach that allows developers to set up production-ready Kubernetes clusters in just minutes. Leveraging automation, we’ve allowed developers to experience a 30% performance boost in productivity. Ultimately, we want to relieve them from the burden of infrastructure maintenance, and refocus them on what they do best: software innovation,”

Mads Jensen, Managing Partner at SuperSeed said,“The team at Ankra are focused on delivering what matters for customers that are deploying complex infrastructure – real productivity enhancement and cost savings. For banks and fintechs, Ankra offers excellent ROI. We look forward to supporting the founders in launching into the UK market and getting commercial traction with London’s world-leading fintech companies,”.

About Ankra

Ankra, a 2021 startup, stands out in the marketplace as the only offering that supports full kubernetes deployment and leadership, and that enables developers to manage the whole lifespan of their application through a single pane of glass.

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In 2024, Ankra’s solution will be made accessible to a select group of users, including startups and top-tier UK institutions.

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