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[Funding alert] Sweden’s Secures $1M Pre-seed Round Funding

A Swedish firm named secured $1 million in pre-seed funding. Mikael Johnsson, co-founder of the investment firm Oxx, Vigor Sörman, inventor of Splay, Petter Nyman, formerly the chief technology officer at Sambla, and Vilhelm von Ehrenheim, an AI expert at EQT Motherbrain are some of the angel investors leading by byFounders.
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A Swedish firm named secured $1 million in pre-seed funding led by byFounders. The round was supported by angel investors Mikael Johnsson chairman in Funnel, Vilhelm von Ehrenheim Head of Motherbrain Intelligence at EQT Group, vigor sörman Founder Splay One, Petter Nyman former Co-founder and CTO Sambla and Magnus Isenberg Director at Modulai.

In order to speed over code testing and save up developers’ time, uses AI. The SaaS the solution from the Swedish startup is meant to look like a human tester.

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As uses AI to speed up the code testing process, developers might be enabled to reclaim part of their precious coding time. The SaaS the solution from the Swedish startup is aimed at imitating an actual tester looking for bugs in the website code. Features like the shopping cart, search capabilities, and cookie banners can all be tested.

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Following the effective conclusion of this investment round, will expand the team and work alongside a small number of beta clients to improve their AI.

Daniel Mauno Pettersson, CEO and co-founder of, “All other trends in development lean towards reusing code, so why should you have to write tests from scratch? It’s a very time- and resource-consuming process, and errors often occur due to the human factor. By automating QA tests, we free up time that allows the developer to focus on writing code, not testing it”.

The money will be utilized to speed up product development and expand the developer team. A beta programme for the business is currently being planned by with roughly twenty clients, as per reported by

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Building the first automated QA tester is They want to boost engineers’ productivity by automated application testing. Stop awaiting feedback from your stakeholders or QA team. As a result, there will be fewer defects, higher standards, and a quicker time to market for programmers.

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