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[Funding alert] Swedish Media Management Platform Mediatool Secures €7 million in Funding

Mediatool, a Swedish media management platform, secures funding of €7 million. In the latest funding round, Fairpoint Capital and eEquity joined Mediatool as additional investors.

This new funding will be used for the company’s impending expansion in the United States and the Q1 2024 establishment of an additional location in New York. The company now has €9.5 million in funding.

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Global marketing and advertising teams may oversee, analyze, and swiftly alter their media investments with the assistance of Mediatool’s cutting-edge SaaS platform.

The platform collects all media data in one location, including audience numbers, investment statistics, and performance of campaigns. In order to enhance ROMI, advertisers may take immediate action on their data and optimize their strategy across various markets, initiatives, and brands.

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Because there were insufficient resources to effectively organize and analyze media investments in his prior advertising responsibilities, Alexander Högman, CEO of Mediatool, launched the business in an effort to tackle this issue.

Currently, Mediatool manages the media spending of more than 70 significant advertisers, who spend more than $6 billion on the platform as a whole.

Högman commented: “This investment is of great significance to Mediatoo, and we look forward to collaborating with Fairpoint Capital and eEquity. Mediatool has already made a significant impact on the industry. Currently, 40 percent of Mediatool’s revenue comes from the USA. Now is the perfect time to take the company to the next level and establish a stronger presence in the United States.”

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About Mediatool

For businesses and agencies, Mediatool provides a platform for managing campaigns. Use it to gain a comprehensive picture of all your marketing initiatives, campaign strategies, and annual reports in one location.

You can plan, manage, and analyze each of your marketing and media-related activities using Mediatool. functions as your personal virtual marketing assistant by compiling all of your media-related documents and communications into one place and giving you a comprehensive overview of all of your media-related actions.

Additionally, it makes it simpler to work with your team, monitor and adjust your media plan in real-time, and assess and determine which media actions are producing the best return on investment by contrasting your media spend with your financial results.

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