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[Funding alert] Oslo-based Online app Builder Databutton Secures €4.8 million in Seed Funding

Databutton, an online app builder has secured €4.8 million in seed funding from Skyfall Ventures and

With the goal of leaving beta as well as moving live later this year, the capital will be used to speed up the design and development of Databutton’s AI-assisted Databutler.

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Databutton is designed to make it easy for anyone to build AI apps, even if they have no coding experience. It is a good option for entrepreneurs, data scientists, and anyone else who wants to build AI apps to solve real-world problems.

We are an upcoming startup trying to create a dispersed, killer product-led company that puts humans first. We’re looking for people who want to create something bigger than themselves.

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‍People are brilliant. There must be no limits to the suppliers that provide outstanding ideas. We’re enabling everybody to be effective in creating what they want.

About Databutton

Databutton is the low-code platform to build and launch AI apps rapidly on your own. Stay on top of the AI innovation wave by utilizing Langchain, LlamaIndex, Cohere, Pinecone, and more. With Databutton, prompting is the new programming.

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