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Top 10 best HR Tech Startups in Europe

Top 10 best HR Tech Startups in Europe

Human Resources Technology or HR Tech, is a swiftly progressing sphere with an international requirement for startups. These startup companies concentrate in formulating revolutionary solutions to simplify, rationalise and elevate diverse elements of human resource management.

The demand for HR Tech startups globally arises from numerous key factors like digital transformation where in the last couple of years, businesses across the world have been experiencing and witnessing digital revolution.

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This transition has given high importance to HR Tech solutions to manage various Human resource functional areas like recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement, employee relations, rewards and remuneration, compensation and benefits, performance evaluation effectively.

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The COVID-19 outbreak expedited the adoption and incorporation of remote work which can be explained as virtual work. HR Tech startups are vital in providing equipment and tools for remote Human resource management, including collaboration, communication, staff administration, employee well-being and efficient accomplishment of organisational goals.

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Companies are more frequently adopting data analytics to make well informed HR decisions. HR Tech startups offer information based solutions for talent acquisition, retention, learning and development, making them irreplaceable in the contemporary competitive employment landscape.

A focus on augmenting the employee experience is pivotal for enticing and preserving high calibre employees. HR Tech startups play an indispensable role in crafting platforms for feedback, rewards and recognition, and continuous learning along with development. Guiding through complicated HR guidelines and fostering multiformity and integration are essential. HR Tech startups offer tools to assure legal conformity and assist Inclusion efforts.

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Europe’s HR Tech startup environment is experiencing substantial progress and transition. Diverse components contribute towards the growth of HR Tech startups in this territory. For instance, Europe has a varied workforce, including several languages, cultures,traditions, customs and labour laws.

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HR Tech startups are required to navigate these complexities and offer solutions customised to European Human resource strategies.In Europe, strict information confidentiality rules like GDPR need HR Tech startups to concentrate on data security and adherence.

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Startups offering GDPR-compliant solutions have competitive advantage. HR Tech startups are essential for facilitating remote work infrastructure, and employee involvement. HR Tech startups are indispensable for talent sourcing, skill enriching, and skill updation initiatives to address the skill gaps. HR Tech startups deliver tools for tracking and advancing long term viability and inclusivity in the workspace.

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In the immediate future, European HR Tech startups are likely to prioritise localization, ensuring compliance, and addressing the distinct challenges posed by the local labour market. Furthermore, they will play a pivotal role in supporting European startups to adapt to the enriching world of work while upholding the highest practices of HR management and data protection standards. Let’s discuss the top 10 best HR Tech Startups in Europe.

Here is the list of the Top 10 best HR Tech Startups in Europe

HR Path

Top 10 best HR Tech Startups in Europe | HR Path

HR Path started in Paris, France in 2001 and is a global human resource leader which supports individuals in every aspect of their organisation’s HR digital transformation with the help of data and analytics. This HR Tech startup offers its clients a complete range of services from consulting, to the implementation of HR solutions to support and maintenance of digital services.

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It supports organisations at every stage of its HRIS projects on the main software solutions on the market and its mission structured around digital advancement of various HR functions. Many companies and organisations trust them to support and accompany their HR and HRIS project.

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It has a reliable and trustworthy track record of working with small and medium enterprises focusing on complex HR issues like talent management, terms and conditions of employment, diversity, inclusion and ethics, employee relations analysis and insights, HR policies, processes, employee handbook, employment law advice, change management, organisation design, redundancy, restructure and harmonisation.


Top 10 best HR Tech Startups in Europe | Zinc

Zinc is a European HR Tech company founded in London, UK. It integrates with more than fourteen HR tools to create a seamless workflow for HR teams by leveraging automated integration. This European HR Tech startup is the essential element for hiring at scale and it is an all in one employment background checking software that supercharges the abilities of ambitious HR and hiring teams.

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It provides easy and intuitive use of ATS technology and saves time and resources by generating automated email service which elevates candidate experiences. Its value lies in understanding the candidate perspective, empowering the candidate with information and data by delivering delight and providing transparent information while being solution oriented.


Top 10 best HR Tech Startups in Europe | Speexx

Speexx is the digital platform for on the job professional development in the hybrid workplace using advanced technology. This European HR Tech startup originated in Munich, Germany. It is considered as the number one digital coaching platform for business language training, corporate coaching and need assessment through the use of technology. 

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It has crafted powerful human resource tools along with learning and developmental tools. This European startup is associated with areas like hiring and recruitment, edtech and data analytics.


Top 10 best HR Tech Startups in Europe | Zenjob

Zenjob, the European HR Tech startup Institute in Berlin, Germany. This is an automated staffing platform and personalised service provider of part time jobs that integrates large and medium sized companies to students who are job seekers in order to make both the parties beneficial.

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This entity has designed its own app which provides features like job search, payment, training, learning and more options like this. More than 50000 talented individuals are enrolled with this platform and it has its presence across 39 cities


Top 10 best HR Tech Startups in Europe | Kenjo

Kenjo originated in Berlin, Germany in 2017 by David Padilla, Mathis Buechi and Julian Teicke. With the integration of technology Kenjo facilitates the HR and operations hub to manage a desk-less workforce. 

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This particular HR Tech startup helps to simplify HR procedures, optimise time management and prioritises legal compliances by implementing labour regulations for development of employees within an organisation. It has developed all in one HR software to assist organisations in HR related tasks.

Factorial HR

Top 10 best HR Tech Startups in Europe |Factorial HR

Factorial HR is an European HR Tech startup founded in Barcelona, Spain in 2016. This particular startup provides a HR software to simplify HR processes and lessen paperwork while managing employee time effectively.

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This European startup has achieved remarkable growth of 300% since 2019. It prioritises national and international events. It always tries to keep its culture unique and distinguished from others in the same domain. It always prefers people over policies. 


Top 10 best HR Tech Startups in Europe | Malt

Malt discovered in Paris, France and is a renowned community driven platform which connects top freelancers with customers present in the local area. This is an authorised network that prioritises technical expertise along with industry expertise and specialises in HR aspects. 

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It also works as a freelance management system. A huge number of freelance experts and executive consultants are associated with this startup.


Top 10 best HR Tech Startups in Europe | Leapsome

Leapsome is a HR Tech startup founded in Berlin, Germany by Jenny Von Podewils and Kajetan Von Armansperg in 2016. This European startup provides a single platform for human capital empowerment where HR functions like employee engagement, performance management, learning and development are being performed by using a combination of contemporary HR tools and methodologies like Teams, Slack, Human Resource Information System etc.

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This organisation is highly dedicated to ensure that any entity or individual associated with it is having the finest quality resources to amplify their business. Its mission is to make the organisation and its people prosper in distinguished ways. 


Top 10 best HR Tech Startups in Europe |Multiverse

Multiverse originated in London, UK by Euan Blair in 2016. It is an artificial intelligence enabled platform and it prioritises learning while working through real-time work experience. 

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It emphasises on training and transforming the upcoming leaders through apprenticeship and ensures their growth and success through upskilling. It believes that employees of every organisation must be equipped with essential skills that are in demand with the help of digital technology and AI. It is dynamic and focuses on adaptability. 


Top 10 best HR Tech Startups in Europe |Zelt

This European HR Tech startup is founded in London, UK by Alberto. This platform enables efficient management of various HR activities. It strongly believes in creating a culture that is enthusiastic and ambitious with a go getter attitude. 

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It combines HR functions with finance and information technology to offer seamless experience to organisations and individuals. It emphasises on developing a next generation HRIS that is backed by latest technology to ensure automation and effective time management. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the Top 10 best HR Tech Startups in Europe?

HR Path, Zinc, Speexx, Zenjob, Kenjo, Factorial HR, Malt, Leapsome, Multiverse, Zelt these are some Top 10 best HR Tech Startups in Europe.

When & where Leapsome HR Tech startup founded?

Leapsome was founded in Berlin, Germany in the year 2016.

When HR Path was Started?

HR Path was started in 2001

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